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Object Name SHAWL
Catalog Number 1974.008.00003
Description The Chinese silk shawl is beige, with beige silk embroidery, cord trim, fringe and tassels. The neckline is constructed of two matching pieces, which join at the center back. The outer end of each piece is two inches long and increases to three inches at the center back. The piece is self-faced with the lower edge turned under 1.25 inches and machine stitched. The upper edge is turned three-eighths inch and machine stitched from the inside to the back facing, which is also turned under three-eighths inch. The end of the right outside piece is turned under three-eighths inch. The facing for this piece is turned under an eighth inch to the right side, and the two pieces are sewn together with machine stitching. The center back ends join in a "V" shape. The edges of the outside piece and facing are turned under three-eighths inch and machine stitched. The main body is constructed of two matching halves, which join at the center back. Each half measures 12.5 inches at outside edge, which widens to 20.5 inches at center back. The center back seam is three-eighths inch long and machine stitched. A piece of matching silk, 20.5" X 5.75" at the lower end and 20.5" X 3.5" at the upper end, is sewn over the center back seam on the outside. Edges of this piece are turned under a quarter inch, and the piece is top stitched by machine to the shawl body. The lower and outside edges of the main body pieces are turned under an eighth inch and are machine stitched. The embroidery is sewn with beige, twisted silk embroidery thread. The embroidery is double-faced so it appears the same inside and out. It covers the majority of the shawl surface with just a narrow border on the upper and lower edges left un-embroidered. The embroidery has an abstracted floral and dragon motif. It is worked in with satin and stem stitches. The fringe is made of beige, twisted silk thread. The neckline fringe is 1.375 inches in length with tassels 2.5 inches long. The side and lower edge fringe is four inches in length with tassels 4.25 inches long. The fringe is constructed in the knotted, chain link style. The links are roughly diamond-shaped and about three-eighths inch in diameter. The silk fabric edges are turned under a quarter-inch and machine stitched. The fringe is knotted onto these edges. The cord ornamentation is made of beige silk cord, quarter-inch in diameter, twisted into a bow, seven-eighths inch in diameter, and hand-sewn to the upper edge of the left neckline piece. A piece of matching cord, 12.25 inches long, hangs loosely below the knot. The lower end of this cord has a tassel, 8.625 inches long, of beige, twisted silk thread. It is not clear to what this cord was meant to attach. No corresponding cord is on the other side. The center back piece is also decorated with silk cord and tassels. The upper end has a circle of coiled silk cord, beige, quarter-inch in diameter. The circle is 1.875 inches in diameter and is built up to about a half inch. Two lines of quarter-inch cord run 7.25 inches from the bottom of this circle to another coiled circle at the center back. The two lines of cord are loosely knotted in three places. The second coiled cord circle is 2.25 inches in diameter and built up about quarter inch. Three tassels, each six inches long, are attached to the circle's lower edge. The cord circles are attached by hand; stitches show on the outside.
Dimensions L-23.5 inches
Owned Mrs. M. R. Zirkle
Provenance The Chinese silk shawl came from the estate of Mrs. Mercedes Gladys Zirkle Valentine (1892-1974). The shawl was possibly the property of her mother Mrs. M. R. Zirkle.
People Zirkle, M. R., Mrs.