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Name items captured from Confederate soldiers

Associated Records

Letter - 1997.019.00027

Joseph Bryan to William Henry Fitzhugh Payne, February 11, 1886 Physical Appearance: February 11, 1886 - Jos[eph] Bryan at New York[, New York], to My dear Gen[era]l [William Henry Fitzhugh] Payne - Encloses a book formerly belonging to Payne, found and purchased at a store in the city. Signed, "Jos. Bryan" 1 page, written on stationery, "Richmond and Danville Extension Company, 2 Wall Street, New York." A photocopy of the letter is also available in the folder. A photocopy of the inside front cover and title page of the book referenced, "Tactics for Officers of Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery, arranged and compiled by L. v. Buckholtz," Imprint: J. W. Randolph, 121 Main Street, Richm

Image of FLAG


Pattern: Army of Tennessee battle flag; wool and cotton. Conserved. Stars: Four remaining (of original 13); white cotton, 5-pointed. Border: None. Attachment: Fabric ties; 3 remaining. Unit Designation: None. Battle Honors: Stenciled in black ink, very faded, "NEW HOPE.", "VICKSBURG.", "PERRYVILLE.", "JONESBORO.", "BAKERS CREEK."

Image of FLAG


Pattern: First National flag; wool, cotton. Stars: Eleven white, cotton, 5-pointed. Border: 2 3/4 inches white canvas on hoist edge. Attachment: Sleeve; rope and toggle. Unit Designation: None. Battle Honors: None.

Image of Pistol

Pistol -

Single-shot underhammer pistol; approx. .31 cal.; 6" octogonal barrel; walnut grip.

Image of Box, Cartridge

Box, Cartridge -

U.S. Model 1855 cartridge box: black leather with double flap, 2 japanned buckles; brass finial. Attached to leather shoulder strap. Contents of the cartridge box include one small wooden dowel (45a), an iron rod (45b), an Eley Brothers cap tin (45c), and some wadding.

Image of Canteen

Canteen -

U.S. Model 1858 tin smooth side canteen with steel spout, blue cover, and leather strap. The name "C. Palfrey, C.S.A." is cross-stitched in red thread on one side of the canteen, First National Confederate Flag is embroidered on the other; the same red thread surrounds the perimeter of the canteen, as though joining the front and back sides of the blue cover. The leather strap has a metal buckle. No stopper in spout.

Image of FLAG


Pattern: First National flag; cotton, silk. Stars: Eleven total; ten 6-pointed stars, one 5-pointed star. Border: None. Attachment: 2 3/4-inch sleeve. Unit Designation: None. Battle Honors: None.

Image of RAZOR


Razor: Steel bladed straight-edge razor (.2a) with wooden guard into which the blade folds. The guard also functions as the handle and has a slight curve to it. A small white rectangular sticker is affixed to one side of the guard. It has "Mis / 1-21-64" handwritten in blue ink on it. On the neck of the blade is stamped "Moulson Brothers / X LNT / I Works / _I Works She__iel_ [Sheffield]".

Image of Case, Razor

Case, Razor -

Razor Case: hardened leather with embossed flower on one side. Two embossed line border runs parallel to the edge on both sides. The case is wider at the top and narrows slightly toward the base. A leather insert extends beyond the edge of the red leather covering; this helped guide and secure the cap. It appears that the top half, or cap, of the case is missing. On inside in a small white rectangular sticker label. On it is "Mis / 1-21-64" handwritten in blue ink.

Image of COMPASS


Compass: of brass, with a glass crystal and steel pin. With case (b) of leather with a velvet liner and brass clasp.

Image of Case, Compass

Case, Compass -

Compass case of leather with a velvet liner and brass clasp. For compass (a) of brass, with a glass crystal and steel pin.

Image of SEAL


One of two (2) seals with brass heads and a spindle shaped ivory handle. This seal has the initials "J. D."

Image of SEAL


One of two (2) seals with brass heads and a spindle shaped ivory handle.This seal has a rough diamond patterned surface.


This is a lid from an inkstand with scalloped steel and beaded glass. It is stamped "Improved per's Patent...." along the outer edge of a steel lid. It also caries the date of manufacture and/or patent: January 7, 1851.



A silver tip nib pen with a chased floral design on the barrel. It has two pieces: a blunt tip (.43a) and a nib pen (.43).

Holster, Saddle -

Double revolver holsters of brown leather, flaps with out finials, buckled strap on lower barrel end.

Image of Revolver

Revolver -

Colt model 1851 Navy revolver: .36 caliber, 6 shot, 7.5 inch octagonal barrel with single piece walnut grip; serial number 64817; hardened steel frame, blued finish with silver mounting on back strap and trigger guard.

Image of FLAG


Pattern: First National flag (reverse); N/A (obverse); silk. Obverse: Gold brocade field with presentation history inscription and unit name in gold paint. Reverse: First National; Latin motto in gold paint, "Aut Vincere Aut Mori" Stars: Eleven total (10 small stars, 1 large star), in gold paint. Border: Gold silk fringe on 3 sides, hoist edge is missing. Attachment: N/A (none remaining). Unit Designation: "O. K. Boys" in gold paint on obverse. Battle Honors: None.

Image of Tobacco, Chewing

Tobacco, Chewing -

These are two cakes of chewing tobacco.

Image of SWORD


Confederate Cavalry Saber modelled after U.S. M1840 Dragoon Saber: curved single-edged blade with rounded back and single unstopped fuller; brass hilt of two branches and knuckle bow flowing from oval guard into pommel; wood grip covered in leather and single of strand wire. Metal scabbard (.85a) with two suspension rings and drag.