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Name flight and capture of Jefferson Davis, 1865

Associated Records

Image of FORK


The silverplate fork has four tines and a raised scalloped edge with double line decoration on the stem. A script "D" is engraved on the back of the stem. The fork has no maker's mark.



Shallow dome of clear glass with central iron ringed opening. A round piece of paper with the history of the inkstand written upon it has been placed into the bottom of the well.

Case, Dressing -

Folding leather and wood dressing case with embossed design on cover; wooden rack holds two copper lidded jars and one copper box. A hidden drawer in the case holds two wax pellets, linen tape and three coins, one of which is a 1831 Peruvian colonial.

Image of Wood

Wood -

Piece of pine firewood. One end is splintered/broken, the other end is pointed, and darker than the other end. Some portions of a mostly-illegible inked inscription read, "Piece…where…"


6-sided molded glass with circular base and hinged iron lid.

Image of COMPASS


Compass: of brass, with a glass crystal and steel pin. With case (b) of leather with a velvet liner and brass clasp.

Image of Case, Compass

Case, Compass -

Compass case of leather with a velvet liner and brass clasp. For compass (a) of brass, with a glass crystal and steel pin.


This is a white linen detachable collar with three button holes positioned at the blouse opening, on the edges, and at the center back used to attach to the shirt.



A silver tip nib pen with a chased floral design on the barrel. It has two pieces: a blunt tip (.43a) and a nib pen (.43).

Holster, Saddle -

Double revolver holsters of brown leather, flaps with out finials, buckled strap on lower barrel end.

Image of Needle, Sewing

Needle, Sewing -

The sewing needle is made of steel and has a large eye. It is inside a red, tear-drop shaped case (.53b).

Image of Case, Needle

Case, Needle -

The needle case consists of a red paper-based material in a tear drop shape. The case has a tufted satin liner to which a handwritten description of the item's importance is pinned. Case has a single hinge and a single hook type closure. This case may have been originally designed for a watch or locket. The original paper label remains inside of the improvised red case, with the penciled inscription, "Needle given to me by Federal soldier to close my tent when a prisoner". Inside the case is a small steel, large eye sewing needle (.53a).

Image of Revolver

Revolver -

Colt model 1851 Navy revolver: .36 caliber, 6 shot, 7.5 inch octagonal barrel with single piece walnut grip; serial number 64817; hardened steel frame, blued finish with silver mounting on back strap and trigger guard.

Image of PANTS


Blue jean cloth (wool/cotton blend) with button fly and cinch belt.

Image of Coat, Suit

Coat, Suit -

Gray wool cloth coat; part of suit also consisting of waistcoat (.142b) and pants (.142c). The coat has a brown velvet collar, green wool tape trim on the front closure and the skirt slit. The front closure has a single row of four composition buttons (two missing).

Image of Waistcoat

Waistcoat -

Gray wool cloth waistcoat; part of suit also consisting of coat (.142a), and pants (.142c). The waistcoat is the same fabric as the coat.

Pants -

Gray wool cloth pants; part of suit also consisting of coat(.142a), and waistcoat (.142b). The pants are the same fabric as the coat and have a button fly, straight plain legs, and cinch belt in the back.

Image of GLOVE


One pair of (probably machine) knitted , over-the-wrist gloves, with cuffs fuller than the hands. The fabric was originally white or ivory in color. The cuffs are in two layers. The top layer is an open work stitch. The second layers is stockinette stitich. Knuckles have a single line of embroidery over each.

Image of Case, Gun

Case, Gun -

Rosewood gun case lined with a faded red velvet and plate silver mounting furniture. The case has a glazed lid on two brass hinges.

Image of Painting - John H. Reagan

Painting - John H. Reagan

Oil on canvas portrait painting of John H. Reagan.