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Name White House of the Confederacy

Associated Records

Painting - 1928.079.00001

Painting: "Confederate Veterans in front of the White House of the Confederacy, Reunion 1922" Ink and watercolor on paper. Watercolor picture of a four groupings of men on a lawn; all wearing dark pants and coat and yellowish slouch hats and carrying canes. The main group is in the center, composed of five men; four are seated with their backs to the viewer and one is kneeling. Two men are standing and in a conversation behind and to the left of the main group. In the upper right corner are three men; two seated with faces towards the viewer and another man standing to the right facing the two men. This group is flanked by two trees. A single man is walking to the immediate left o

Postcard - FIC2017.00619

Postcard: Charles R. [Kizker?] to Catherine [Kate] Noble Pleasants Minor [Mrs. Edmund C.], April 4, 1890 Regarding petition of support of the "committee for "F" Company Association Veterans C.S. Army" being presented to City Council regarding the acquisition of the Davis Mansion.

Letter - FIC2017.00620a

Letter: J. Taylor Ellyson to Catherine [Kate] Noble Pleasants Minor [Mrs. Edmund C.], April 3, 1890 Regarding resolution adopted by the Howitzer Association "recommending that the Jefferson Davis Mansion be set apart as a Memorial Hall or Museum of Confederate Relics." Ellyson also notes that $25 is being contributed for the preservation of the graves of Confederate dead. On "Mayor's Office" stationary.

Envelope - FIC2017.00620b

Envelope: Associated with letter from J. Taylor Ellyson to Catherine [Kate] Noble Pleasants Minor [Mrs. Edmund C.], April 3, 1890 <FRONT> "Mrs E.C. Minor / Secretary / No. 11 W. Main St. / City" <RETURN> "Mayor's Office / Richmond, Va." stamped in red, upper left. <POSTMARK> "RICHMOND / APR 3 / 11 PM / 90" <STAMP> Cancelled green, 2-cent stamp, upper right.

Letter - FIC2017.00621a

Letter: [William L. White?] to Ladies Hollywood Memorial Association, April 8, 1890 Regarding presentation to "Common Council" of petition "asking that the "Jefferson Davis Mansion" be donated to you for the preservation of relics of the late "Confederacy."" White observes that though the idea met with approval, "just at this time, I find it impracticable to secure their immediate action, in, that the "School Board" had to be consulted and their [endorsement?] secured to attain the desired end." White states that the decision was made to forward to additional committees.

Envelope - FIC2017.00621b

Envelope: Associated with letter from [William L. White?] to Ladies Hollywood Memorial Association, April 8, 1890 <FRONT> "To the, Ladies, / Hollywood Memorial Association / Richmond / Va"

Letter - FIC2017.00622

Letter: Ben T. August to Catherine [Kate] Noble Pleasants Minor [Mrs. Edmund C.], April 14, 1890 City Clerk Ben T. August notes the referral of petition asking for Jefferson Davis Mansion be donated to Ladies Hollywood Memorial Association for the preservation of Confederate relics to the Committees on Schools, Finance, and Grounds and Buildings and includes a membership list for the committee.

Petition - FIC2017.00623

Petition/Typescript: Petition from Ladies Hollywood Memorial Association to Richmond City Council, March 14, 1890 Regarding desire to secure the Jefferson Davis Mansion, preserving the building and housing Confederate relics. Signed: Mrs. Jos. Bryan; Mrs. John Purcell; Mrs. Mary W. Thomas; Mrs. Lucy Gray Henry; Mrs. [J?] B. Pace; Mrs. J.R. Branch; Mrs. Maxwell T. Clarke; Mrs. Edmund C. Minor

Circular - FIC2017.00624

Circular: From the Hollywood Memorial Association announcing the acquisition of the Jefferson Davis Mansion and the intent to establish a permanent museum for Confederate relics under the charge of the Confrederate Memorial Literaty Society. Material donations requested. Dated January 5, 1892

Report - FIC2017.00625

Report: "Report of the Relic Committee of the H.M.A." January 19, 1895 Report notes a delay in opening the Jefferson Davis Mansion. Lists the following donations: A plaster cast of Jefferson Davis and "a wreath of evergreen leaves with the stars & bars" from Col. Bill [Bigger?]; a plaster bust of the Statue of the Soldiers and Sailors monument; the library mantle formally in the mansion donated by the Lee Camp Soldiers' Home; "a very handsome quilt, made for Pres. Davis & much prized by him" from Mrs. Davis. Report records the death of Mrs. C.C. Baughman. Report observes that because a relic committee has been formed by the C.M.L.S. the relic committee of the Hollywood Memorial Association

Typescript - FIC2017.00626

Typescript/Minutes: "Minutes of the H.M.A. 1890-1896" [n.d.] Typescript of excerpts of the minutes of the Hollywood Memorial Association relating to the acquisition of the Jefferson Davis Mansion, 1890-1896.

Image of Pass - FIC2017.03000

Pass - FIC2017.03000

Pass - for Henry (slave), signed by Jefferson Davis, November 10, 1863 "Pass Henry to apothecary's store and back to Presdts House - Jeffn Davis Nov. 10. 1863"

Image of Agreement - FIC2017.03001

Agreement - FIC2017.03001

Agreement: Slave hiring agreement for Fannie, by Varina Davis for Jefferson Davis, with Thomas Binford, January 1, 1865 "$400 / On th 1st Jany. next, we bind ourselves / our heirs, to pay Thomas Binford, his heirs / or assigns four hundred dollars for the hire / of a negro woman Fannie / payable quarterly, for the present year. / Said negro woman to be returned at Christmas / next Will clothes and blanket. Witness our / hands and seals this 1st day of Jany 1865 / V Davis for / Jeffn Davis / Seal / Seal" On reverse: "March 1st 1865 Recd / the 1st quarter of the / within / Thos Binford"

Chandelier and Fixture, Gas -

This gasolier had six arms, one is missing. There are scroll designs on the lower shaft with floral and leaf designs decorating the entire shaft and spinnings.

Image of MANTEL


The mantel is made of black marble with an iron "arch" at the fireplace opening. Pilasters with vertical grooves and a band of horizontal grooves at the top. The iron arch (rectangular) has circular designs around the outer edges and a decorative design closer to the inner edges.



Shallow dome of clear glass with central iron ringed opening. A round piece of paper with the history of the inkstand written upon it has been placed into the bottom of the well.

Image of Chair, Side

Chair, Side -

The balloon back chair is made of mahogany and ash. The chair is carved with symmetrical acanthus leaves, and it has a cabriole front and legs. The chair is upholstered, but present fabric is not original. The crest of the chair carving is cleanly sawn off, as well as the leaves are flattened, as if sawn.

Image of FENDER


This is a painted cast iron fender.


This is a painted piece of wood with a half-moon shape cut out of one long side.

Image of Mirror, Wall

Mirror, Wall -

Large arched frame with scroll ornaments at the bottom corners and a three quarters circle moulding forming an arch up both sides and across the top. A U-shaped ornament is at the center top surmounted by a fleur-de-lis and flanked by curved leaves and C-shaped ornaments. The original surface is water gilt, burnished and oil gilt gold. The entire surface was coated with several layers of brass paint before restoration. Penciled on rear rop rabbet edge: "80x60 B(or P?)C A(or O?) L E / Crenshaw 5 1(or 7?)". Penciled on bottom momter: "80 x 60 B(or P?)C A D(or L?) E / Crenshaw (?)".