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Name Siege of Vicksburg

Associated Records

Letter - 1933.002.00002

Letter from Lieutenant General Edmund Kirby Smith to General Joseph E. Johnston, July 4, 1863 Physical Appearance: July 4, 1863 - E[dmund] Kirby Smith at H[ea]d Q[uarte]rs, Monroe, L[ouisian]a, to General J[oseph] E[ggleston] Johnston, Com[man]d[in]g C[onfederate] S[tates] A[rmy], Vicksburg, [Mississippi] - Explains in detail "I find it impossible to do anything from this side for the relief of Vicksburg." Signed, "E. Kirby Smith" L[ieutenan]t Gen[eral], C. S. A. 3 pp. on 1 sheet. <<On reverse>> "8" in blue pencil.

Image of Dagger

Dagger -

Dagger: double-edged, spear point blade, diamond cross section and stopped ricasso; brass oval guard; two-piece bone (antler) handle small inset plaque.

Image of Card, Playing

Card, Playing -

This is a deck of fifty-one playing cards. The face side of the cards have pictures of Confederate generals on them. The backs are printed with blue militaristic designs, with a star in the center. Written in pencil on some of the cards' faces are phrases such as "Your House," "A visitor", and "New clothes"


Silver plate with raised decoration in the shape of a leaf on the back of the tines. It is marked: "C. Parker."


Steel knife with ivory handle with a broad flat blade. It is marked: "Herds & Irving Best Sheffield."

Image of GAVEL


Wooden gavel with three carved concentric bands on head.

Image of BISCUIT


A small biscuit, porous and dirty, broken into three pieces.

Image of FLAG


Pattern: Army of Northern Virginia flag; silk. Variant: rectangular field, no edging on cross. Double-sided. Stars: Thirteen white silk, 5-pointed. Border: 2 1/2 inches gold metallic fringe on 3 sides. Attachment: Tacked/nailed across top. Narrow sleeve on hoist edge may have served as original method of hoist. Unit Designation: "Guibor's Battery" in gold paint on white crescent moon near upper edge, on both sides. Battle Honors: In gold paint, on both sides, "Carthage", "Dry Wood", "Elk Horn", "Oak Hill", "Lexington", "Corinth".

Image of SPOON


Large silver tablespoon with a simple raised line following the outline of the spoon handle. "Vicksburg" is engraved on the handle. "Meriden Brita Co." stamped on back of handle stem.

Image of PIPE


Wooden bowl and stem carved with incised lines running vertically up bowl and along length of stem.

Image of HELMET


Helmet of beaver skin with gold thread rope trim tied in two square knots and with stamped white metal bosses on each side. The edge is bound with black cotton twill tape. Sweatband is black leather.

Image of Dish, Butter

Dish, Butter -

The butter dish consists of a lid (.156a), base (.156b), and insert (.156c). All pieces consist of white porcelain. The exterior of the lid and base are painted with a predominately light red glaze trimmed in gold. The dome lid covers a removeable flat insert (.156c) which rests in the base; the insert is pierced with 7 small holes surrounding single larger center hole.

Image of Pouch, Tobacco

Pouch, Tobacco -

Sack of white cotton with drawstring closure. Previously contained quantity of brown coffee beans (.19b) (now stored separately).



A small quantity of brown coffee beans. Previously stored inside a sack of white cotton with drawstring closure (.19a); now stored separately.

Image of VIAL


Small glass vial with cork stopper. Inside are a rolled dispatch paper (encoded) and lead bullet. A glass vial, measuring 1 3/16" long by 0.5" wide at the base, with a slightly narrower (7/16") mouth. Inside is a rolled piece of paper 1.5" in length (when unrolled, measuring 6.5" wide by 2.5" long), tied with a length of cotton string, and a lead .36-caliber pistol bullet. On the paper an encrypted message (cryptograph) is written in iron gall ink.

Image of Glasses, Field

Glasses, Field -

Binocular optic device; metal (believed brass) covered with black leather. Gutta percha eyepieces marked "C. DUHAMEL / NEW ORLEANS". With case (.459a).

Image of Case, Field Glasses

Case, Field Glasses -

Field glasses case covered in black leather. Manufacturer's name "C. DUHAMEL / OPTICIAN / NEW ORLEANS" stencilled in gold letters on top of case lid. Lid was previously hinged, now detached; formerly closed with metal clasp (upper portion on lid now missing); now closes with white chamois tape and white button (later replacements). Lined with pink / red velvet. For field glasses (.459a).

Image of Spur

Spur -

Pair (one of two) brass spurs with straight necks and small, iron horizontal rowels; leather straps and brass buckle attached to studs at terminal ends of heel bands.

Image of Spur

Spur -

Pair (one of two) brass spurs with straight necks and small, iron horizontal rowels; leather straps and brass buckle attached to studs at terminal ends of heel bands.

Image of SWORD


Model 1850 U.S. Foot Officer's Sword: slightly curved, single-edged blade with two fullers, blade etched with floral sprays, military trophies, eagle and "US", blade stamped "US / ADK / 1850" reverse ricasso etched "Ames Mfg. Co. / Chicopee / Mass; gilded brass hilt with guard decorated with pierced design of floral sprays, knuckle bow pierced for sword knot near pommel which is decorated on forward edge with oak leaves; wood grip covered with shagreen and twisted wire. Metal scabbard (.725a) with brass mounts.