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Name Peninsula Campaign

Associated Records

Bullet, Minie -

Minie ball; lead.

Souvenir -

Hair: numerous short strands of hair.


Sword. No scabbard.

Image of Revolver

Revolver -

Deane, Adams and Deane English double action revolver; caliber .455, 5-shot; 6.25" barrel; checkered walnut grip; #2035. Bullet stuck in forcing cone.

Image of BULLETS


A: one .67-caliber bullet. B-E: four .60-odd caliber musket balls. One has cuts on it. F-L: seven .58-caliber bullets. Three are deformed. Four have visible rings. One still has the wooden plug in the end. M: metal I-shaped sword holder N: gray stone projectile point O: shell fragment

Image of BAYONET


Iron bayonet fragment.

Image of Pouch, Cap

Pouch, Cap -

U.S. Model 1850 cap pouch: black leather with double flaps; sheepskin lining missing; brass finial; two belt loops secured with copper rivets.

Image of Pouch, Cap

Pouch, Cap -

U.S. Model 1850 cap pouch: black leather with double flap, interior flap stamped "JEWELL / MAKER / HARTFORD"; sheepskin lining missing; brass finial; two belt loops sewn to back; red and white thread tied to belt loops.

Image of Box

Box -

Wooden box with a sliding top (a). The top is slightly beveled on the sides and has two indentations on one side. Written in pencil on the inside of the lid: "Gen. Chilt[?] C.J. Henry[?] RIchmond, VA". A handwritten history of the set is on the outside of the box: "Box / Made from a balk of / Genl. McClelland's Pontoon / Bridge Across the / Chickahominy taken / right before Richnond". For chess pieces (b-y).


The coin is a Spanish American two real, worth a quarter dollar. The coin consists of silver, with an almost illegible inscription in many places. The obverse is marked "1776 GRATIA" and has a profile face. The reverse has a crowned coat-of-arms with a Latin inscription.

Image of Fragment

Fragment -

Pattern: N/A, flag fragment; red and white wool bunting. Believed portion of First National flag. Stars: None. Border: None. Attachment: None. Unit Designation: None. Battle Honors: None.


Four (4) relics. A-blanket pin. B-three (3) bullets. C-buttons. D-unidentified piece of metal.


Nose-piece of Hotchkiss shell.

Image of Jacket, Shell

Jacket, Shell -

Single breasted, 7 button front, greenish-brown wool and cotton cloth (faded from gray) with black twill wool cloth collar facings and shoulder tabs (with side-facing buttons); green worsted wool cord piping, light brown cotton sheeting lining in the body and sleeves, Federal Eagle "I" buttons with no backmarks, Mobile Volunteer Corps buttons on shoulder tabs with backmark: SCOVILL MF'G CO/WATERBURY.



British Enfield rifle musket; serial number 3079. Inscribed on stock: "LC LA Z.v" "H" Inscribed on barrel: "*25 *25" Lock stamped with crown and "TOWER 1861"


Model 1860 U. S. Light Cavalry Saber: Blade only. With scabbard (.85a). Relic condition.

Scabbard, Sword -

Scabbard. For sword (.85).

Image of Bit, Bridle

Bit, Bridle -

U.S. Model 1859 curb bit with "S" branches, #1 port, brass "US" bosses, two rein rings, bar connecting lower branches

Image of Spur

Spur -

Single brass spur with half-round heel band and 10-point iron rowel; leather strap with iron buckle passes through slots in terminal ends of heel band. Broken into 2 pieces (a,b).

Image of Jacket, Shell

Jacket, Shell -

Jacket: cadet gray wool cotton cloth with dark blue broadcloth facings, no piping, unbleached cotton drill lining in body and sleeves; gold braid captions collar insignia, no sleeve braid, small ornamental civilian brass buttons with no backmarks. Stitching remnants indicate jacket once had sergeant's chevrons. Blue ribbon tied to fourth buttonhole.