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Name Items taken North by Union soldiers and later returned South

Associated Records

Letter - 1997.019.00027

Joseph Bryan to William Henry Fitzhugh Payne, February 11, 1886 Physical Appearance: February 11, 1886 - Jos[eph] Bryan at New York[, New York], to My dear Gen[era]l [William Henry Fitzhugh] Payne - Encloses a book formerly belonging to Payne, found and purchased at a store in the city. Signed, "Jos. Bryan" 1 page, written on stationery, "Richmond and Danville Extension Company, 2 Wall Street, New York." A photocopy of the letter is also available in the folder. A photocopy of the inside front cover and title page of the book referenced, "Tactics for Officers of Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery, arranged and compiled by L. v. Buckholtz," Imprint: J. W. Randolph, 121 Main Street, Richm

Image of Box, Cartridge

Box, Cartridge -

U.S. Model 1855 cartridge box: black leather with double flap, 2 japanned buckles; brass finial. Attached to leather shoulder strap. Contents of the cartridge box include one small wooden dowel (45a), an iron rod (45b), an Eley Brothers cap tin (45c), and some wadding.

Image of LID


The lid (believed for a sugar bowl) is porcelain with a golden blossom handle set into a raised and gilded glazed leaf pattern. The circular base has concentric bands of gold, blue, orange, and filigree line gold decoration. It has a semicircular notch near the rim.


Gold thread trouser braid, ends are slightly frayed.

Image of SWORD


Model 1850 U.S. Foot Officer's Sword: slightly curved, single-edged blade with two fullers, blade etched with floral sprays and military trophies, eagle and "US"; gilded brass hilt with guard decorated with pierced design of floral sprays, knuckle bow pierced for sword knot near pommel which is decorated on forward edge with oak leaves; wood grip covered with shagreen and twisted wire. Leather scabbard (.78b) with brass mounts.

Image of Scabbard, Sword

Scabbard, Sword -

Leather scabbard with brass mounts. For Model 1850 U.S. Foot Officer's Sword (.78a).

Image of Rifle

Rifle -

Remington rifle, .54 caliber, Model 1841, with a lockplate marked, "US / 1851." "J. Tyler Jobson" and "Co. G 9th Virginia [Infty], 1862" are carved into the stock.

Image of DRUM


Drum with wooden shell painted yellow with red hoops; part of shell painted blue with painted shield device in red with blue St Andrews cross and white five-point stars with "13th VA" above; skin drum heads; gut snare; tension robes frayed but intact. Paper label adhered to interior of drum is printed with, "Confederate Drum Manufactury, Richmond, Virginia. Kettle and bass drums of all sizes and of the best materials made to order. Drums repaired and heads furnished at short notice. Kettle drums, complete, from $12 to $-- (illegible). Bass " " " $18 to $-- (illegible). Cash must invariably accompany all orders from a distance to ensure there (sic) being filled. Transportation and all risks at

Image of TENT


Tent marquee: A southern homespun cotton ticking with sewn together widths of blue and white striped cloth (appears to be ticking) and a scalloped edge that is trimmed with red wool tape. It also has manilla rope edging and ties. Metal eyelets in corners, wrapped in white thread. The rigging (wood and rope) remains with the tent (marquee). [A tent marquee is the " roof" portion of a tent, without the sides.]

Image of BUST - General Thomas J. Jackson

BUST - General Thomas J. Jackson

Cast plaster of Paris portrait bust of Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson. No base. Painted off-white color. This piece is associated with a reproduction (X0985.13.240a).

Image of FORK


Sterling silver fork engraved with "Ewell" and "Sailor's Creek, Va April 6th 1865" Maker's mark "Min X". According to the donor, it is solid silver and weights 2.5 oz.



The two window/door lambrequins (1 pair) are made of red and gold wool lampas, a wool damask with a gold worsted warp and filler float stain . The lambrequins are done at 6 1/2" point, mirrored to 13".

Image of Wax, Sealing

Wax, Sealing -

The sealing wax consists of many small red wax discs enclosed in a round, blue paper box.

Image of SWORD


Model 1840 U. S. Officer's Light Artillery Saber: single-edged curved blade with single broad fuller, etched "N.P. AMES / Cutler / Springfield" and "R.B. Garnett / U.S.A." with floral sprays, military trophies, eagle, and Indian; brass hilt formed from knuckle bow, decorated with floral spray, terminating in disc quillon cast with rosette; flared pommel with forward edge decorated with rosette and floral spray, rim of pommel cast with repeating leaf design; wood grip covered with leather, brass wire missing. Metal scabbard (.753b) with two suspension rings and drag.

Image of Scabbard, Sword

Scabbard, Sword -

Scabbard: metal scabbard (.753b) with two suspension rings and drag. For Model 1840 U. S. Officer's Light Artillery Saber (.753a).

Image of SWORD


Confederate Staff and Field Officer's Sword; slightly curved blade, single edged with one broad fuller and etched with floral sprays, flags, and "C.S.A." within shield profile of Jefferson Davis; gilt brass hilt with guard pierced with floral sprays, "CS" and five point star within wreath, guard stamped "5" near blade; knuckle bow pierced for sword knot near pommel which is decorated on forward edge with floral sprays, leather wrapped grip wound with a single strand of wire. Leather scabbard (.825a) with a brass mounts; drag missing.

Image of Scabbard, Sword

Scabbard, Sword -

Leather scabbard with a brass mounts; drag missing. For sword (.825).


Sash of red silk with knotted fringe.

Image of FLAG


Pattern: Miniature First National; silk. Stars: Eleven gold embroidered 5-pointed. Border: None. Attachment: Sleeve. Unit Designation: None. Battle Honors: None.

Image of Souvenir

Souvenir -

Lock of hair in blue paper in a white paper sleeve, "Genl R E Lee's hair - Bremo June 9th 1870." This lock of Lee's hair is associated with another such lock in ruled paper (.1200a).