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Name Stuart, James Ewell Brown (J. E. B.) (Jeb)
Other Names J. E. B. Stuart
Jeb Stuart
Born 1833
Spouse Flora Cooke

Associated Records

Letter - 1926.077.00026a-b

J. E. B. Stuart to [Mrs. Mary Ann Nichols Berard], January 29, 1855 Physical Appearance: The letter (autographed) is from J. E. B. Stuart to Mrs. Mary Ann Nichols Berard, dated January 29, 1855. Written on the reverse of a calling card, the brief note concerns friends of Stuart's who wish to be remembered to Mrs. Berard's family. (See "Letters of J. E. B. Stuart, 136).

Letter - 1926.077.00027

J. E. B. Stuart to [Mrs. Mary Ann Nichols Berard], April 20, 1855 Physical Appearance: The letter (autographed, signed) is from J. E. B. Stuart to Mrs. Mary Ann Nichols Berard, dated April 20, 1855. Stuart wrote this letter from Texas and discussed his duties, his new beard, West Point, and mutual friends. The letter is signed "Beauty." (See "Letters of J. E. B. Stuart," 147-154.) Two typescripts and one photostat copy are available in the folder.

SCRAPBOOK - 1929.063

[Pre-war Scrapbook] Physical Appearance: Pre-war scrapbook kept by James Ewell Brown Stuart during his time as a student at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. The pages contain primarily dried flowers and newspaper clippings.

POEM - 1931.088

[n. d.] Wartime poem entitled, "You Can Never Win Them Back." One stanza of the poem is credited to J. E. B. Stuart. Physical Appearance: two sheets, photostat

Letter - 1933.080a

"J. E. B. Stuart to Maj. Gen. T[homas] J. Jackson, July 19, 1862 Physical Appearance: The letter (autographed, signed) is from Stuart to Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Jackson, dated July 19, 1862. Stuart recommends the scouting services of John S. Mosby. (See "Official Records," LI, pt. 2, 594; "Letters of J. E. B. Stuart," 258.) Original letter from Gen. J.E.B. Stuart to Maj. Gen. T.J. Jackson, dated HdQrts Cav. Brigade 1862 July 19 - saying that John S. Mosby late 1st Lt. 1st Va. Cavalry, was to scout around the enemy - that he is reliable etc. and will possibly bring information. Some that will give proof of additional value.

Envelope - 1933.080b

Envelope associated with letter from J. E. B. Stuart to Maj. Gen. T[homas] J. Jackson, July 19, 1862 Physical Appearance: "This paper was found in the / haversack of [?] Mosby, [the?] / prisoner sent to-day. June 21 '62. [initialed]" AND "Hd Qrs Cav. Brigade / Atlee's Station / Official" AND "MAjor Gen. T.J. Jackson / Comdg Army of the / Valley"

Letter - 1942.020

"J. E. B. Stuart to "Friend," June 19, 1852" Physical Appearance: The letter (autographed, signed) is from J. E. B. Stuart to an unidentified "friend," dated June 19, 1852. Stuart describes a trip from West Point, New York to Washington, D. C.

Copy, Reprographic - 1951.034a-b

"J. E. B. Stuart to Maj. Bristoe [?], April 26, 1863" Physical Appearance: a) Positive and b) negative photostat copies of letter (autographed, signed) is from Stuart to a Maj. Bristoe (?), dated April 26, 1863. Stuart writes this brief letter, asking Bristoe to disrupt, if possible, the railroad near Warrenton Junction and to collect information on enemy troop movements in that region.

Letter - 1953.023.00001

"J. E. B. Stuart to Dr. [Andrew G. Grinnan], April 30, 1864" Physical Appearance: The letter (autographed, signed) is from Stuart to Dr. Andrew G. Grinnan, dated April 30, 1864. Stuart apologizes to the doctor for not receiving him when he called on Stuart. Stuart explains that he was in the middle of counting Secret Service funds and could not be interrupted.

Letter - 1966.014.00001

Letter from John S. Mosby to Joseph Bryan, January 22, 1904 Physical Appearance: Autographed letter signed from John S. Mosby to Joseph (Joe) Bryan, dated January 22, 1904 in Montgomery Alabama. Mosby writes to Joseph Bryan about being raised near Albemarle and how he was a private in Captain Jones Cavalry from Abingdon - notes this is all in his Reminiscences. Lists two things that he values most during his military life: !0 a morning of riding all day around the battle of Manassasafter Confederate army fell into rank (he was counted number); 2) Winter February 1862 when Gen. Stuart came to camp to encourage reenlistment. Encloses a history book review from the Richmond "Times-Dispatch" a

Letter - 1971.018.00001

Major General Allan Bowie Magruder to Colonel Fitzhugh Lee, May 23, 1862 Physical Appearance: May 23, 1862 - A[llan] B[owie] Magruder at Temporary Head Quarters of Right Wing, L. Forr's House near Meadow Bridge, [Hanover County, Virginia], to Col[onel] F[itzhugh] Lee - Sends orders for Lee to move with his command and occupy Mechanicsville if pickets are still in place there. States he must report to Col[one] Robertson of the 4th Virginia Cavalry. Notes that if the enemy currently occupies Mechanicsville, Lee should maintain his present position and await further orders. By order of Maj[or] Gen[era]l [John Bankhead] Magruder. Signed, "A. B. Magruder" Major & A[cting] A[ssistant] A[djut

Clipping, Newspaper - 1992.022

"Verses by Gen. Jeb Stuart" Physical Appearance: The newspaper clipping is an 1889 printing of an untitled poem by Maj. Gen. J. E. B. Stuart, written ca. February 17, 1855 while he was stationed at Camp Stuart, Texas. The "preamble" to the poem is as follows, "Lines addressed to Drake Sanders in reply to a piece written by him in my album five years ago at Emory and Henry College." No indication is given as to the name of the newspaper.

Dispatch - 1997.022

Major General J. E. B. Stuart to General Braxton Bragg, May 11, 1864 Physical Appearance: May 11, 1864 - 9:30 A. M. - [Header] Military Dispatch - Major General J. E. B. Stuart to General Braxton Bragg - Advises the head of his column has reached Yellow Tavern (8 A. M.) Notes enemy has not passed that point but information given him indicates enemy has gone toward Dover's Mill on the James River. Thinks enemy will go to either Richmond or Gordonsville. Will "sweep across after them" from Yellow Tavern and from Kelly's Mill. Will stay in contact. Wants to use young men of neighborhood as couriers. Further advises the center road is clear to Hanover Junction. Signed, "J E. B. Stuart" M

Orders, Military - CML-WH.2

General Order, No. 6, May 1864 Physical Appearance: May [--], 1864 - General Order, No. 6} Announcement by Major General Wade Hampton of Major General J. E. B. Stuart's death. 2 pp. Front page is totally illegible. 2nd page is extremely faint; the signature is the only easily recognizable item on page. Signed "Wade Hampton" Maj[or] Gen[era]l. A green, 10-cent Jefferson Davis postage stamp is affixed to page 2 below the text. Marks: "G. O. No. 6 - Death of Stuart / Taken from glass leaf 1962 in illegible state - E. S. B." on reverse.

Clipping, Newspaper - FIC2017.00416

Clipping, Newspaper; The Late J. E. B. Stuart Physical Appearance: one sheet

Orders, Military - JEBS-49

"General Orders No. 2, February 24, 1864" Physical Appearance: Stuart issued General Orders No. 2 on February 24, 1864. The orders remind his division commanders that retaining any captured property is against army regulations.

print - FIC2017.02671

Print of composite of "Confederate Veterans" Physical Appearance: 2 pieces

Letter - JEBS-1

J. E. B. Stuart to [Mr. Buckingham], September 4, 1849 Physical Appearance: September 14, 1849 - J[ames] E[well] B[rown] Stuart, to Sir [Mr. Buckingham] - Requests his former Latin instructor to write a letter to Emory & Henry College stating that Stuart is proficient enough in the language to qualify for advanced courses. Signed "J. E. B. Stuart"


"Honorary Commission for Aide-de-Camp, October 1, 1861" Physical Appearance: J. E. B. Stuart issued this honorary commission as an aide-de-camp to Mary Johnson Stuart on October 1, 1861. Stuart wrote and signed this commission.


Letter, Original; R. Channing Price to his sister Virginia, August 6, 1862 Physical Appearance: The letter is from Richard Channing Price to his sister, Virginia E. Price, dated August 6, 1862. Richard describes the military settling into Richmond and mentions Stuart. One sheet, handwritten, folded; 4 pp.