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Name Pilkington Family

Associated Records

Image of Carte-de-visite - Unidentified Child

Carte-de-visite - Unidentified Child

Cdv studio oval vignette portrait of a baby wearing a gown with 3/4 length sleeves, propped up on a chair which is draped in a heavy cloth with edging in Greek Key design, looking past camera to the right, arms at sides, feet lying to right and left in resting position; printed on reverse, D. J. Ryan's Art Gallery, Savannah, GA

Image of Ambrotype - Unidentified Group (Man and Woman)

Ambrotype - Unidentified Group (Man and Woman)

Quarter-plate ambrotype with applied color, of a man and a woman; the man is seated to the left and the woman to the right. The man is posed at a slightly 3/4 angle to the right; he is looking past the camera to the left; left arm is to the side, with the left hand resting on the left leg; right arm is behind the woman, presumably draped across a chair back; hair is worn in a moderate back-brushed style; cheeks are tinted pink; beard but no mustache; wearing an standing collar with a horizontal necktie slightly assymetrical; slack coat open over vest and loose trousers; women is posed facing slightly to the left, also looking past the camera to the left; hair is in a pinched version of

Image of Ambrotype - Unidentified Civilian

Ambrotype - Unidentified Civilian

Ninth-plate ambrotype with applied color; bust portrait of a young man facing camera, left shoulder slightly angled down to the left; hair cut at earlobes, waved at sides from wearing a hat, subdued high front hair wave, beard and no mustache, cheeks tinted pink, turn-down collar with fashionable necktie with fringed edges, plain vest with oversize coat (frock or sack); case is leather-covered wood, obverse case section [cover] missing; double elliptical metal mat; no preserver

Image of Daguerreotype - Unidentified Civilian

Daguerreotype - Unidentified Civilian

Sixth-plate dageurreotype, man, seated, waist up, facing camera, hair parted on side and cut at earlobes, clean shaven, turn-down collar, horizontal necktie tied in small, flat bow tucked under collar; wearing frock coat with wide notched lapels, possibly matching vest with shawl collar, hands not visible; octagonal mat, case and preserver missing;

Image of Print, Photographic - Thomas Alrich Faries (tentative)

Print, Photographic - Thomas Alrich Faries (tentative)

Albumen print, framed; man, seated, waist up, head turned to the right and tilted slightly to the left, looking past camera to the right, balding, hair parted on the side, waved at ears from wearing hat, collar down, knotted necktie hanging down, sack coat with wide, notched lapels, vest with smaller lapels, buttoned up mid-chest, left arm by side, right arm propped on table, bent at elbow, hand hanging down, all fingers curled except for index finger; framed in oval frame, with velvet trim, brass twisting around edge, large brass bow at top, leather backing, with brass tabs holding it in, large circular ring attached at ornate brass bow at top; note with image reads, "Thomas Alrich - brother