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Name Lee, Robert E.
Other Names Robert Edward Lee
Born 1/19/1807
Birthplace Westmoreland County, Virginia
Education He attended the U.S. Military Academy from 1825 to 1829, finishing second in his class.
Notes In June 1861 Lee became a full general in the Confederate States Army. When General Joseph E. Johnston was wounded at Seven Pines on June 1, 1862, Lee's command of the Army of Northern Virginia began. From the end of the war until his death, Lee served as the president of Washington College in Lexington, Virginia.
Occupation Lee served in the U.S. Army, rising from 2d lieutenant of engineers to colonel, his final rank attained during the Mexican War.
Spouse Mary Anna Randolph Custis
Children George Washington Custis Lee
William Henry Fitzhugh Lee
Eleanor Agnes Lee
Robert E. Lee, Jr.
Anne Carter Lee
Mildred Childe Lee
Mary Custis Lee

Associated Records

LETTER, ORIGINAL --BOND --CLIPPING, NEWS - 1917.042.00131-141

Beauregard Papers: Correspondence: 1853-1882 Physical Appearance: This folder contains eleven items, five of which are letters addressed to Beauregard, 1853-1882. Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton authored two of the letters but did not address either to Beauregard. Brig. Gen. Collett Leventhorpe and Maj. Gen. Daniel H. Hill authored two letters but did not address them to Beauregard. There is also a newspaper clipping of an illustration of "Stonewall" Jackson's gravesite in Lexington, Virginia. The following list inventories these items: 1917.042.00131) June 16, 1853 - A. W. Reynolds, [Captain], at Washington, D. C. to My beloved Chief [Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard] - Requests a letter

SPEECH - 1924.063.00002

"The Glory of Robert E. Lee" Physical Appearance: The speech is a written transcript of an address entitled, "The Glory of Robert E. Lee," authored and delivered by Gamaliel Bradford in 1924. 4 pages

Letter - 1925.072.00014

Letter from General Samuel Cooper to General Robert E. Lee about Richard B. Garnett's trial, May 6, 1862 Physical Appearance: May 6, 1862 - A letter from S[amuel] Cooper at [Richmond, Virginia], to Gen[era]l R[obert] E[dward] Lee, Com[man]d[in]g &c. Does not think it would be easy to bring this case to trial since soldiers are in the field. Advises Lee to give the matter considerable thought and "think what had best be done in this case." (Signed) S. Cooper, A[djutant] & I[nspector] G[eneral]. 1 page. Marks: "G-386" at upper left corner. <<On reverse>> Endorsement: [n. d.] - Reply from R[obert] E[dward] Lee to Gen[era]l [Samuel] Cooper - Sees "no possibility of bringing this case t

Letter - 1925.072.00015

Original Letter and Copy from Brigadier General Richard B. Garnett to General Samuel Cooper, June 20, 1862 Physical Appearance: June 20, 1862 - Letter from R[ichard] B[rooke] Garnett, at Staunton, V[irgini]a, to General S[amuel] Cooper, Adj[utan]t & Inspec[to]r Gen[era]l, Richmond, V[irgini]a - Lengthy answers to charges and specifications pressed by Major General Thomas J. Jackson. Signed "R. B. Garnett" Brig[adier] Gen[era]l, P[rovisional] A[rmy of] C[onfederate] S[tates]. 16 pp on 7 sheets including a sheet of legal paper. Marks: "G-387 N" at upper left corner of page 1. <<On reverse>> "[Sta]unton, Va. June 30th, 1862. R.B. Garnett. Brg. Genl. Answer to the charges and specifica

Orders, Military - 1925.072.00016

Special Orders, No. 146 - Suspends Arrest of Brigadier General Richard B. Garnett, June 25, 1862 Physical Appearance: June 25, 1862 - [Header] A[djutant] & I[nspector] Gen[era]l's Office, Richmond, V[irgini]a - Special Orders, No. 146, [Paragraph] II} Suspends the arrest of Brig[adier] Gen[era]l Richard B[rooke] Garnett. Orders him to report to General R[obert] E[dward] Lee, for temporary duty with Major Gen[era]l D[aniel] H[arvey] Hill. By command of the Sec[retar]y of War. (Signed) Jno. Withers, Ass[istant] Adj[utan]t Gen[era]l. "Official" R. H. Chilton, A[ssistant] A[djutant] General. Note at the bottom reads, "Lieut. J. Brooke, CSN - Navy Dept. will oblige by forwarding this to Ga

Letter - 1925.072.00018a-b

Two Drafted Letters from Brigadier General Richard B. Garnett to General Samuel Cooper, July 12, 1862 Physical Appearance: 1925.072.00018a. July 12, 1862 - Letter from R[ichard] B[rooke] Garnett at Richmond, V[irgini]a, to General S[amuel] Cooper, A[djutant] & I[nspector] Gen[era]l, Richmond, V[irgini]a - Urges speedy investigation of the charges made against him by General Thomas J. Jackson. Signed "R. B. Garnett" Brig[adier] Gen[era]l. 1 page. Marks: "G-386 D" at upper left corner. <<On reverse>> In middle panel: "Requesting as soon as possible investigation of charge. Gen. J particular." 1925.072.00018b. July [-], 1862 - Draft of letter above. Signed "R. B. Garnett" Brig[a

LETTER, ORIGINAL - 1927.054.00002

"Robert E. Lee to Mr. E. B. Cook, November 26, 1866" Physical Appearance: The letter (autographed, signed) is from Lee to Mr. E. B. Cook, dated November 26, 1866. Lee writes a short letter regarding a ring thought to belong the Lee family.

Letter - 1935.082

Robert E. Lee to Dinwiddie B. Phillips, June 2, 1861 Physical Appearance: The letter, dated June 2, 1861, signed by Lee, is to Dinwiddie B. Phillips. The brief letter concerns two "suspicious persons" in Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard's command at Manassas, Virginia: Bronnell and Romines. There is doubt regarding the authenticity of the Lee signature on this letter.

LETTER, COPY - 1949.008

"Robert E. Lee to Honorable Andrew Hunter, January 11, 1865" Physical Appearance: The letter is an official copy of the five-page original from Lee to the Hon. Andrew Hunter, dated January 11, 1865. Lee explains his feelings toward emancipation and employment of Negroes as soldiers in the Confederacy. Transcribed as follows: "Headquarters Army of Northern Virginia, January 11, 1865. Hon. Andrew Hunter, Richmond, VA. Dear Sir: I have received your letter of teh 7th instant and without confining myself to the order of your interrogatories, will endeavor to answer them by a statement of my views of the subject. I shall be most happy if I can Contribute to the solution of a que

Letter - 1982.024.00004

Robert E. Lee to Major General Wade Hampton, October 29, 1864 Physical Appearance: October 29, 1864 - R[obert] E[dward] Lee at Chaffin's [Virginia], to "My dear Gen[era]l" [Wade Hampton] - Expresses condolences upon death of Hampton's son, Thomas Preston Hampton. Signed "R. E. Lee" 1 page, laminated and inserted into acid free cover. Marks: "Genl R E Lee" on reverse. A photostat of the letter is also available in the folder.

Report - 1955.032.00018

"Report of Major General Fitzhugh Lee of the Operations of His Cavalry Division, A. N. V., from May 4th 1864 to September 19th 1864, (both inclusive)" Physical Appearance: December 20, 1866 - "Richland," Stafford Co[unty], V[irgini]a - Fitz[hugh] Lee, to General R[obert] E[dward] Lee, [Washington College], Lexington, V[irgini]a - Sends a report on the operations of his cavalry division for the period May 4, 1864, (when General Grant crossed the Rapidan River), through September 19, 1864 (when Major General Fitzhugh Lee was wounded at Winchester). Lee covers battles, engagement, and skirmishes at Todd's Tavern, Ely's Ford, Spotsylvania Court House, Beaver Dam, Ashland, Yellow Tavern, Meado

Copy, Reprographic - 1962.030

Lieutenant General Thomas J. Jackson to General Robert E. Lee, May 2, 1863 Physical Appearance: May 2, 1863, 3 P. M. - T[homas] J[onathan] Jackson, near 6 miles west [of] Chancellorsville, [Virginia], to General Robert E[dward] Lee - Advises that the enemy has taken a stand about 2 miles from Chancellors and that he hopes to attack "as soon as practicable." <Signed> T. J. Jackson, L[ieutenan]t Gen[era]l. Photocopy. A piece of tracing paper containing 5 traced (from facsimile) signatures of Jackson is also in the folder.

Commission - 1954.016.00001

Photostat Copy of Commission of John S. Mosby as Captain, March 19, 1863 Physical Appearance: The commission is a photostat of the original document. Commission from the Confederate States of America, War Department on March 19th, 1863 for John S. Mosby's appointment to Captain of Partizan Rangers Under Act approved April 21, 1862. To rank from March 15th, 1863 and report to General Robert E. Lee. Signed, James A. Seddon, Secretary of War. Marks: "Captain J. S. Mosby is authorized to fill up his company to the maximum strength. By command of the Secretary of War, Sam. W. Melton Major and A. A. Genl." 1 pp. <<On reverse>> "Given by Mr. Charles C. Alvord, 52 [illegible] Street, Worcester,

Letter - 1955.006.00001a

James Longstreet to R. F. Smith, October 23, 1885 Physical Appearance: October 23, 1885 - James Longstreet at Gainesville, G[eorgi]a, to R. F. Smith, Esq[uire], [C/o Meyer Brothers Drug Company], Kansas City, M[iss]o[uri] - Encloses a newspaper article [not present] from "The [Weekly] Philadelphia Times" in response to a letter dated October 18 from Smith. States that the he had the articles published in his own defense, against those who were trying to place the blame for the defeat at Gettysburg on him. Notes that his purpose was not to criticize [General Robert E.] Lee but "repeated attacks forced me to publish my own account." Signed "James Longstreet." The cover (envelope) for t

Letter - 1969.002.00001

Robert E. Lee to Lt. Gen. T. J. Jackson, December 13, 1862 Physical Appearance: Gen. Robert E. Lee to Lt. Gen. T. J. Jackson, December 13, 1862; autographed letter signed. A brief letter to Jackson, after the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia, asking him to see to the replenishing of his ammunition and ordnance. In the postscript, Lee thanks the "giver of all victory" for success on the field that day. (S. H. S. P. 39, 1.)

Letter - 1969.002.00002

Verification of an R. E. Lee to T. J. Jackson letter, written, July 3, 1907 Physical Appearance: James Power Smith wrote the letter dated, July 3, 1907, as a verification of a letter written by Gen. Robert E. Lee to Lt. Gen. T. J. Jackson dated December 13, 1862.

Letter - 1989.015.00036

Lieutenant General James Longstreet to General Robert Edward Lee, March 28, 1865 Physical Appearance: March 28, 1865 - James Longstreet at Headquarters, 1st Army Corps, A[rmy of] N[orthern] V[irginia], to General R[obert] E[dward] Lee, Commanding &c. - Informs Lee that General [Martin Witherspoon] Gary's and the Texas scouts report that Sheridan's forces have crossed the James River, cavalry picket at New Market Heights, and Kautz's command to still be on this side of the river. Signed, "J. Longstreet" Lieutenant General.

Program - 1970.007.00003

Programme of Services Dedicating a Memorial Window to The Dead of Pegram's Artillery Battalion in the Chapel at Lee Camp Soldiers' Home, May 31, 1887 Physical Appearance: Program on white paper with purple ink. Cover reads, "Programme of Services Dedicating a Memorial Window to The Dead of Pegram's Battalion of Light Artillery, Third Corps, A. N. V., Erected by the Association and Their Friends, in the Chapel at Lee Camp Soldiers' Home, Tuesday Evening, May 31st, 1887, at 5 O'clock." Cover contains an image of a cannon and limber being pulled by horses with riders. Details of th e program are printed on the inside 2 pages. An image of Robert E. Lee is printed on the back cover. Marks:

Letter - 1985.073.00001

Letter: Major General John Brown Gordon to Martha Champe Carter Peyton (Mrs. Col. Moses G. Peyton), 1899 February 13, 1899 - J[ohn] B[rown] Gordon at 1918 F. St[reet] N[orth], Washington, D. C., to My dear Mrs. [Martha Champe Carter] Peyton - describes troop movements, as well as actions taken by her husband Major Moses Green Peyton, at Appomattox on April 8, 1865. Signed "J. B. Gordon." 8 pp. Letter is fragile; a photocopy is available.

Letter - 1985.073.00002

Letter: Major General John Brown Gordon to Martha Champe Carter Peyton (Mrs. Col. Moses G. Peyton), 1901 December 10, 1901 - J[ohn] B[rown] Gordon at the Union Depot Ticket Office, Columbus, Ohio, to "My dear Mrs. [Martha Champe Carter] Peyton - Apologizes for his delay in answering her letter of November 18. Mentions lecture tour. Requests that she write him at his family's winter residence in Florida. Signed "J. B. Gordon" 1 page. Letter is fragile;