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Name Gooch, Mary Evelina Toler (Mollie) [Mrs. Stapleton Dabney]
Other Names Mollie
Born 1834
Spouse Stapleton Dabney Gooch

Associated Records


The sleeve is white cotton, gathered on a 0.75" wide band and split down the center with one button hole in each sleeve band. The sleeve has crochet lace trim and perhaps an undersleeve. The sleeve is labeled in ink, "Mollie E. Gooch."


Child sleeve is made of white organdy, gathered on 0.1875" wide tape. The sleeve has cutwork organdy lace trim and perhaps an undersleeve. The sleeve has a label in ink, "M.E.G."

Image of CHEMISE


Child chemise (or infant chemise) fabric is a plain, tightly woven linen with sizing on the yoke and sleeve caps. Embroidery is the yoke front and back in a whitework pattern appearing to be influenced by Ayshire, Scotland whitework. (1). A floral motif fills yoke area front and back. The two sides of the front floral motif differ slightly, and the back floral motif is slightly different from the front. The back includes two larger blossoms not on the front. The stitches include satin, seed, stem, open chain, and ladder. Embroidery was made separately and then stitched to garment with an invisible stitch. The lace runs around the entire neck edge, except where there is none on the lower

Image of BODICE


Adult bodice with outer fabric of a plain weave cotton with a linear floral motif. The motif is printed on, not woven in. The motif consists of quarter-inch medium brown stripes alternating with eighth-inch red and eighth-inch dark brown strips. The dark brown stripe has a white dot pattern in it. The stripes run vertically, except for the waistband, where they run horizontally. The floral pattern alternates with the stripes and consists of four blossoms in an oval arrangement around a dark brown center. The blossoms measure 1.125" X 1.375" and repeat every seven-eighths inch lengthwise and 2.875" widthwise. The lining is a twill weave cotton. The neckline is plain and round, coming

Image of DRESS


Adult dress: striped silk, multi-colored (green, brown, and white). Cotton kick panel with no dress liner. Fitted "V" bodice with blue threaded detail for "V" shape. Fourteen (14) green buttons on front of bodice, three (3) buttons on each sleeve cuff (2 remain on wearer's left, 3 on wearer's right). Bodice is secured with hook and eye. Blue trim at bottom of hemline. Fichu (or neckerchief) (a) worn over dress.

Mantle -

Mantle (previously identified as a fichu, or neckerchief) (a) worn over dress (0985.13.1970), white silk with netting, floral embroidery, six (6) line patterns in "V" shape, fifteen (15) lines of silk fabric for detail.