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Name Bartow, Francis Stebbins
Birthplace Chatham County, Georgia, USA
Father Theodosius Bartow
Mother Frances Lloyd Stebbins Bartow
Notes Dates: Life dates unknown

Associated Records

Letter - CML-ARL.1a

Brigadier General Alexander Robert Lawton Papers Physical Appearance: Miscellaneous letters, orders, and telegram belonging to Brigadier General Alexander Robert Lawton: a) May 4, 1861 - Letter from F. S. Bartow at Montgomery, [Alabama], to "My dear [Alexander Robert] Lawton, Savannah, [Georgia] - Informs Lawton that he has forwarded a letter from the War Department, ordering Lawton to take charge of the Georgia coastal defenses from Florida to South Carolina lines. Discusses preparations for the coming war. Signed, "F. S. Bartow"

Image of Hat

Hat -

1858 pattern Army officer's hat (also sometimes called a Hardee pattern hat) of wool felt, left side pinned with a black velvet oval shield with an embroidered eagle in gold thread. Gold and black thread acorn hat cords, black plume, black velvet oval with gold thread embroidered bugle on the front of the hat. Blue silk lining with a manufacturer's label (stamped in gold, "Horstmann Bros. & Allien / Importers and Dealers in / Military / & Fancy Goods / 8 Maiden Lane NY / SM Horstmann / WJ Horstmann / MB Allien", with a seal beneath it which says "Paris" at the top) still intact and a sweatband of blue leather.


Sash of red silk mesh with small flat, woven ends and deep fringe.

Image of Painting - Francis S. Bartow

Painting - Francis S. Bartow

Oil on canvas portrait painting miniature of Francis F. Bartow. Bartow is in a black frock coat and tie and is shown in a frontal pose from the waist. Written in ink on the back stretcher" "Gen. F.S. Bartow Manassas July 21st 1861"

Image of Carte-de-Visite - Brigadier General Francis Stebbins Bartow

Carte-de-Visite - Brigadier General Francis Stebbins Bartow

cdv, bust portrait, from chest up, civilian dress

Image of Print, Photographic - A memorial sign for Colonel Francis Bartow

Print, Photographic - A memorial sign for Colonel Francis Bartow

Photographic print: black and white photograph a tree with exposed roots on a hillside. A wooden sign is nailed to the trunk. It reads "Colonel Bartow / was killed here / July 21, 1861". A tree stump is to the immediate left of the tree. In front of the stump is a white lump, which may be the remains of the original white marble monument destroyed in 1862.