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Object Name LETTER
Catalog Number 1979.017.00004-35
Date 1865
Scope & Content Dabney H. Maury Papers: Correspondence

Physical Appearance: This folder contains the following correspondence of the Dabney H. Maury Collection:

1979.017.00004 ) April 22, 1865 - Dabney H[erndon] Maury, Major Gen[era]l, at Head Q[uarte]rs, Meridian, Miss[issippi] to John Scott, Gov[ern]m[e]nt Agent - Maury sternly inquires under what authority did Scott "protect" 5,000 bales of cotton.

1979.017.00005 ) May 7, 1865 - Dabney H[erndon] Maury, Major Gen[era]l Com[man]d[in]g, at H[ea]d Quarters Maury's Division, Six miles East of Meridian, [Mississippi] to "Soldiers" - draft "Copy" of Maury's farewell address with corrections. Signed by Maury.

1979.017.00006 ) July 3, 1865 - Dabney H[erndon] Maury at University of Virginia, [Charlottesville, Virginia] to "his Excellency Andrew Johnston [sic], President of the United States - draft of Maury's request for amnesty from President Johnson with corrections. Signed by Maury.

1979.017.00007 ) October 11, 1865 - Benjamin O. Porter, Overseer, to Mr. D[abney] H[erndon] Maury - Porter notifies Maury that he is to report to Gum Creek Bridge on October 22 at nine o'clock with an axe and spade.

1979.017.00008 ) December 28, 1874 - J[ubal] A[nderson] Early at Lynchburg, V[irgini]a to Gen[era]l Dabney H[erndon] Maury - Early informs Maury of the resignation of Southern Historical Society and Treasurer Colonel Munford and refers obliquely to Maury getting the position. Early states plainly that it is difficult for the Society to pay the $1,200 salary of the position. Signed by Early.

1979.017.00009 ) January 31, 1875 - Fitzhugh Lee at "Richlands," Stafford Co[unty] V[irgini]a to the Rev[erend] J. W. Jones, [Richmond, Virginia] - Lee notes that he did not realize that Jones was the Secretary of the Southern Historical Society when he sent his dues to Maury. Lee discusses a report he filed with General R. E. Lee concerning cavalry operations of May-April 1865 and speculates where it might be. Lee states that he will be in touch with Maury. Signed by Fitzhugh Lee.

1979.017.00010 ) February 28, 1875 - Geo[rge] D. Johnston at Tuscaloosa, Ala[bama] to Gen[era]l D[abney] H[erndon] Maury, Richmond, V[irgini]a - Johnston states that he cannot contribute a presence to the Southern Historical Society but will give money. Signed by Johnston.

1979.017.00011 ) March 7, 1875 - J[ubal] A[nderson] Early at Lynchburg, V[irgini]a to Rev[erend] J. W. Jones, [Richmond, Virginia] - Early writes four pages of fussing about the "Southern Magazine" and questions Jones' judgment. Signed by Early.

1979.017.00012 ) March 12, 1875 - J[ubal] A[nderson] Early at Lynchburg, V[irgini]a to Rev[erend] J. W. Jones, [Richmond, Virginia] - Early softens the tone from his earlier letter to Jones but still expresses his displeasure. Early states that he does "appreciate the difficulty of your position." Signed by Early.

1979.017.00013 ) April 21, 1875 - J[oseph] E[ggleston] Johnston at Savannah, [Georgia] to My dear [Dabney Herndon] Maury - Johnston responds to a letter from Maury and discusses Savannah and a new history of the war. Johnston wants Maury to procure different reports for him. Signed by Johnston.

1979.017.00014 ) December 3, 1875 - H. V. Royster of the "Cincinnati Gazette," Washington [D. C.] Office, to J. W[illia]m Jones, Esq. - Royster sends Jones a copy of General William T. Sherman's memoirs, plus reviews of the same.

1979.017.00015 ) March 24, 1876 - W[illia]m Hand Browne at Balt[imor]e, [Maryland] to Rev[erend] J. William Jones, Sec[retar]y, Southern Historical Society, [Richmond, Virginia] - Browne drily notes that U. S. Secretary of War Belknap is seeking Confederate records for the D. C. archives and asks if the authorities will allow Southern historians inspect those items sold to them by [John] Pickett. If not, "Belknap's proposition seems a very one-sided affair."

1979.017.00016 ) August 9, 1876 - W. W. Corcoran at White Sul[phur] Springs to Rev[erend] J. W[illiam] Jones, Sec[retar]y S[outher] H[istorical] S[ociety], [Richmond, Virginia] - Corcoran discusses financial matters.

1979.017.00017 ) September 8, 1876 - T[homas] U[nderwood] Dudley at Louisville, K[entuck]y to General [Dabney Herndon] Maury - Dudley's letter concerns "Southern Magazine" and a Maury visit to Louisville.

1979.017.00018 ) October 3, 1876 - Charles Marshall of Marshall & Fisher, Attorneys at Law, Baltimore, [Maryland] to Rev[erend] J. W[illiam] Jones, Richmond, [Virginia] - Marshall reviews papers and copies of papers in his possession and will "send express" to Jones.

1979.017.00019 ) October 7, 1876 - R. L. Gibson of New Orleans, [Louisiana] to My Dear General [Dabney Herndon Maury] - Gibson discusses the various accounts of the late war by the leading, opposing participants.

1979.017.00020 ) December 4, 1876 - J. L. Sigel at Halifax, Nova Scotia, [Canada] to Major Stiles - Sigel writes a brief letter to Stiles, stating that he is enjoying the "Southern Historical Society Magazine."

1979.017.00021 ) January 30, 1877 - William H. Payne at Warrenton, V[irgini]a to Sir [Reverend J. William Jones] - The outspoken Payne offers words of encouragement on the Southern Historical Society and its publication. Signed by Payne.

1979.017.00022 ) March 6, 1877 - [L. B. D'Orleans, Comte de Paris] at Sevilla to Sir [Reverend J. William Jones] - The Comte de Paris reviews points made by Jones and describes how he studied and drew conclusions for his book. Signature has been cut out.

1979.017.00023 ) March 17, 1877 - [Jefferson Davis] at "Beauvoir," Miss City, Mississippi, to Rev[erend] J. W[illia]m Jones - Davis sends his compliments on the Society and its magazine. Signature has been cut out.

1979.017.00024 ) April 10, 1877 - W. W. Corcoran at Washington, [D. C.] to Rev[erend] J. W[illia]m Jones, Sec[retar]y &c., Richmond, V[irgini]a - The financier states that he is looking forward to the arrival of the Society's bound volumes. Signed by Corcoran.

1979.017.00025 ) April 21, 1877 - W. W. Corcoran at Washington, [D. C.] to Rev[erend] J. W[illia]m Jones, D. D., Richmond, V[irgini]a - Corcorans sends thanks for the volumes of "Southern Historical Society Papers" received. Signed by Corcoran.

1979.017.00026 ) August 17, 1877 - L. B. D'Orleans, Comte de Paris, at Chateau d'Eu Seine Inferieure, [France] to Sir [Reverend J. William Jones] - The Comte refers to his March letter and states that the latest issue of the magazine answers some of his questions on Gettysburg. Signed by L. B. D'Orleans, Comte de Paris.

1979.017.00027 ) September 14, 1877 - L. B. D'Orleans, Comte de Paris, at Chateau d'Eu Seine Inferieure, [France] to General [Dabney Herndon Maury] - The Comte respondes to Maury's letter of March 12th and discusses Lee's numbers and Gettysburg. Signed "L. B. D'Orleans, Comte de Paris, late Captain & A. D. C., U. S. A."

1979.017.00028 ) September 17, 1877 - F. H. Smith at V[irgini]a Mil[itary] Institute, [Lexington, Virginia] to Rev[erend] J. W[illia]m Jones, D. D., Sec[retary] So[uthern] His[torical] Society, Richmond, V[irgini]a - Smith sends his dues and a copy of "Register of Graduates of the U. S. Military Academy" for the library. Smith mentions that General [Dabney Herndon] Maury has seen an article by Smith and thinks that it should appear in the Society's magazine.

1979.017.00029 ) November 3, 1877 - L[ucius] Q[uintus] C[incinnatus] Lamar, using United States Senate Chamber stationery, Washington, [D. C.] to J. W[illia]m Jones, Sec[retary] &c., Richmond, [Virginia] - Lamar appreciates the offer to become a life member of the Southern Historical Society but cannot afford it. Signed by Lamar.

1979.017.00030 ) November 21, 1877 - F. Leibert at Stuttgart, to Reverend J. W[illia]m Jones, Secretary of the S[outhern] H[istorical] Society, [Richmond, Virginia] - Leibert sends his impressions of the war and its leaders as an "impartial observer."

1979.017.00031 ) January 30, 1878 - L. B. D'Orleans, Comte de Paris, at El Escorial, [Spain] to Sir [Reverend J. William Jones] - The Comte states that his article on the "numbers at Gettysburg" is pending and adds that he is looking forward to the response of General Fitzhugh Lee to General Longstreet. Signed by L. B. D'Orleans, Comte de Paris.

1979.017.00032 ) February 8, 1878 - F[itzhugh] L[ee] at "Richlands," to the R[igh]t Rev[erend] J. W[illia]m Jones - Lee sends the same old arguments about Longstreet, etc. Signed "F. L."

1979.017.00033) December 9, 1878 - Charles Marshall at Baltimore, [Maryland] to Rev[erend] J. W[illia]m Jones, Richmond, [Virginia] - Marshalls returns two of his addresses to Jones with corrections. He then goes into detail over how he cannot change the facts as he knows them (this is regarding a disagreement with General Johnston).

1979.017.00034) March 3, 1880 - Marcus J. Wright, Agent, War Department, Publication Office, War Records 1861-'65, Washington, [D. C.] to Sir [Reverend J. William Jones] - Wright is collecting for deposit in the Confederate archives photographs with autographed signatures and requests Jones to "furnish me a copy of your photograph and signature for the purpose indicated."

1979.017.00035) February 2, [ca. 1877-1881] - Geo[rge] B. McClellan at Trenton, [New Jersey] to Gen[era]l Dabney [Herndon Maury] - McClellan acknowledges receipt of a letter from Maury and states that Maury's view of Grant is "just." Signed by McClellan.
Archival History The Dabney H. Maury Collection contains correspondence and ephemera of Dabney Herndon Maury (1822-1900), held in the Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library. The vast majority of the library's holdings are postwar, acquired in the late 20th century as a donation from Maury's direct descendants. This correspondence covers Maury's work with the Southern Historical Society, letters to former President Jefferson Davis and his family, and family concerns. Maury's gregarious nature is apparent in the breadth of the correspondence. Letters to Maury include those from Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland, Jefferson Davis, Jubal Early, and Joseph E. Johnston. Some of the latest correspondence is from distinguished historians Dr. Douglas S. Freeman and Bruce Catton to Maury family members. Wartime holdings include several copies of Maury's Farewell Address of May 1865 and letter-press book of April-May 1865, later converted to a postwar journal.
People Maury, Dabney Herndon