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Catalog Number MS-19171012.43
Date ca. 1872
Scope & Content Irving A. Buck Papers: Letter Book of Communications, Dispatches, Telegrams, and Accounts

Physical Appearance: Ledger-size heavy paperboard bound book containing lined-paper. Black spine and corners, with some corners gone. Covers are red marble-ized pattern paper. A handwritten label on the front cover reads, "Irving A. Buck / 286 W. Balto St. / Baltimore." Inside pages contains lists of names of clients for the business, Adams & Buck, for the years 1872-1874. Many of the pages of the book have been pasted over with letters, dispatches, orders, copy telegrams, copy letters, circulars, purchase orders, accounts of pay for the years 1862-1864, casualty reports, field orders belonging to Irving A. Buck or his brother Alvin D. Buck. Some pages have been cut out and wartime documents have been inserted and glued in between the remnants. Inside back cover also contains inscription of "Adams & Buck / 351 W. Balto Street / Baltimore." There are 86 numbered and unnumbered pages of documents. The following is a general guideline of the papers: a) Pages 1-13 > May 8-21, 1864 (not in strict chronological order): orders, communications, telegrams, and dispatches from either Lieutenant General William J. Hardee's or General Joseph E. Johnston's headquarters to Major General Patrick Cleburne or Captain Irving A. Buck, AAG. These items mainly concern troop movements. b) Pages 14-15 > December 28, [1863]; February 8, 1864; and undated: orders from General P. G. T. Beauregard for Alvin Buck in Charleston, South Carolina; letter of recommendation from Brigadier General Thomas Jordan for Alvin Buck; and letter from Samuel Bassett French to Buck concerning a bill establishing General Officers. c) Pages 16-[45] > May 20-August 19, 1864 (excludes June, again not in strict chronological order): orders, telegrams, dispatches, communications, circulars, etc., from Lieutenant General Hardee's, General Johnston's, Lieutenant General and then General John Bell Hood's, Lieutenant General Stephen D. Lee's; Major General Patrick R. Cleburne's; Major General William B. Bate's, or Brigadier William H. Jackson's headquarters. These documents concern troop movements, pioneer companies, line of battle, and/or rations. d) Pages [46-47] > May 1, 1863; April 19, 1864; and undated: Pay Voucher for Alvin D. Buck on detached service at Headquarters, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, & Florida; letter from Alvin D. Buck to General P. G. T. Beauregard requesting recommendation to Major General Daniel Harvey Hill; clipped autographs of "G. T. Beauregard;" and clipped endorsement of Brigadier General J. K. Duncan. e) Pages [48-55] > August 18-23, 1864 (not in strict chronological order): orders, dispatches, reports, telegrams, etc. from General John Bell Hood's; Lieutenant General William J. Hardee's; Brigadier General Daniel C. Govan's; Brigadier General Frank C. Armstrong's; Captain W. W. McDowell's; or Captain J. A. Anderson's headquarters. These documents concern scout reports, troop movements, pioneer companies, earthworks, and/or railroad repair. f) Page [56] > February 10, 1863; and October 20, 1864: Receipt from A. S. Hull & Co., Charleston, South Carolina to Alvin D. Buck, for a uniform for Captain Irving A. Buck; and letter from Captain Irving A. Buck to Major Kinloch Falconer, requesting a medical leave of 60 days to go home to Front Royal, Virginia. The letter contains approval endorsements of Medical Directors Samuel H. Stout and A. J. Foard, as well as approval by command of General John Bell Hood, signed by Captain James A. Cooper, AAG. g) Pages [57-58] > February 10, March 12, & July 8, 1863; and undated early 1864: Receipt to Alvin D. Buck for Confederate army coats for Lieutenant General William J. Hardee, and Lieutenant Setton from A. S. Hull & Co., Charleston, South Carolina. Also one receipt to Captain Irving A. Buck for a Confederate army coat and one receipt to Major General Patrick R. Cleburne for a blue vest, both from A. S. Hull & Co. Also 2 telegrams from Captain Irving A. Buck to Alvin D. Buck concerning clothing orders. h) Page [59] > January & December 1864: Order and telegram to Alvin D. Buck from General P. G. T. Beauregard through Captain John M. Otey, AAG or Colonel George W. Brent, Receipt to Alvin D. Buck at Columbia, South Carolina for box of papers belonging to Adjutant General's Office, Department No. 2. i) Pages [60-62] > April -May 1862; July 24, 1862; December 20, 1862; January 8, 1863; November 26, 1863; and ca. December 1864 (not in chronological order): Request from Alvin D. Buck to General P. G. T. Beauregard for 2-week furlough. Telegram from Irving A. Buck to Alvin D. Buck, stating that he is safe & "we" are victorious after "hard day's fight." Passes for Irving A. Buck and Alvin D. Buck. Instructions from General P. G. T. Beauregard for Alvin D. Buck to take boxes of papers to Columbia, South Carolina. j) Pages [63-65] > July 24, 1862; March 22-23, 1864: March items concern a duel between Alvin D. Buck and O. Correjolles, to which Captain H. W. Geilden put a halt by having them arrested. July 1862 concerns orders for Quartermaster Department to provide transportation for 11 people, including Alvin D. Buck and Irving A. Buck, to Chattanooga, Tennessee. l) Pages [66-67] > [n. d.] - "Organization of Cleburne's Division, Hardee's Corps, Army of Tennessee, 1862." Lists all staff officers for division and brigades. m) Pages [68-69] > March 17, June 8, ca. July 1864: Official copy of letter from Adjutant & Inspector General Samuel Cooper to Colonel R. R. Garland, 6th Texas [Infantry] and letter from Colonel Garland to Captain Irving A. Buck, AAG, both concerning court of inquiry. The other document is a report of numerical casualties from J. A. Smith's Brigade from July 22, 1864 (Battle of Atlanta). n) Page [70] > May 9-11, 1864: Page from a letter copy book, inserted: Contains a series of communications, dispatches, andor orders from Major General Patrick R. Cleburne via Captain Irving A. Buck, AAG, to Brigadier General Hiram B. Granbury or Lieutenant Colonel Thomas B. Roy, AAG. Items to Granbury concern troop movements or rations in the vicinity of Dalton and Resaca, Georgia. Item to Roy concerns pickets left on the old line and supplying them with rations. o) Page [71] > May 17-23, 1864: Contains series of communications with from Major General Patrick R. Cleburne to Lieutenant Colonel Thomas B. Roy, Lieutenant General William J. Hardee, or Brigadier Generals Lucius E. Polk, Daniel C. Govan, Hiram B. Granbury, and Mark P. Lowrey. Items concern troop movements, locations, stragglers, troops needing rest, and clarification of authority. p) Pages [72-73] > May 20, July 23-24, August 5, 1864: Reports on Effective Strength in Cleburne's Division; Effective Strength then Casualties of Govan's Brigade; Casualties of Lowrey's Brigade; and Brigadier General J. A. Smith's report of [Battle of Atlanta], July 21-22, 1864. q) Pages [74-75] > May 17-25, 1864: Circulars issued from Headquarters, Cleburne's Division concerning troop movements, pickets, stragglers, rations, and readiness for action. r) Pages [76-77] > May 27-June 5, 1864: "Official" copy letters and communications from Major General Patrick R. Cleburne or Brigadier General Lucius E. Polk to Lieutenant Colonel Thomas B. Roy, AAG. Concerns Whitworth ammunition, tools for pioneers, troops placement on battle line, relief of Hotchkiss' artillery, or use of log church to build breastworks. Also contains a letter from Captain Irving A. Buck to Brigadier General Hiram B. Granbury regarding number of enemy dead in his front. The bottom of page 77 contains a mere beginning of a communication from Cleburne to U. S. Brigadier General Daniel Leggett, dated July 25, 1864. s) Pages [78-80] > May 1862; January 1863; May 1863; October 1863; and undated: Items include: Form for Pay for Extra Duty Men stationed in Charleston, South Carolina (unsigned); Passes for Alvin D. Buck; letter from Alvin D. Buck to Brigadier General William Smith requesting his assistance in getting a promotion; letter of recommendation from Brigadier General Thomas Jordan to Smith for Buck's promotion to captain; brief order from General Beauregard concerning more copies of an order to be distributed; and two newspaper clippings about Major General Thomas J. Jackson's Valley Campaign. t) Page [81] > June 21, 1863: Letter from Captain Irving A. Buck to Messrs. Evans & Cogswell, [Charleston, South Carolina?] - orders writing papers, writing utensils, envelopes, ink, and clipboard for Major General Patrick R. Cleburne. u) Pages [82] > December 31, 1864: "Roll of Non-Commissioned Officers Employed on Extra Duty as Mechanics & Laborers at Charleston, South Carolina, during the month of December, 1864" - Lists only Alvin D. Buck, Private, Company B, 17th Virginia Infantry, employed as a Clerk under General Beauregard. v) Page [83-84] > February 5 & April [-], 1864: 2 Letter from Alvin D. Buck to 1) "My dear Sir" - thanks recipient for attention given to Buck's matter with the War Department and wishes to be appointed to a vacancy on General Beauregard's staff; and 2) to Major General Daniel H. Hill, requesting consideration for position of Junior Adjutant on Hill's staff. w) Page [85] has nothing pasted on it. x) Page [86] > [ca. May 31, 1863]: Complete Extra Duty Pay form - Charleston, South Carolina, for the period January 1-May 31, 1863. Pay for $3 per day for a list of clerks and messengers, with Alvin D. Buck listed as a Clerk.
Dimensions: [H]13.25" __[W]8" __[D]1.125"
Archival History Irving Ashby Buck was born in Warren County, Virginia on November 24, 1840, He enlisted as a Private in Co. B, 17th Virginia Infantry on July 25, 1861. Buck served as clerk to Lt. Col. Thomas Jordan, AAG, at General Beauregard's headquarters, during 1861 and 1862. He subsequently served as Capt. and AAG on Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne's staff during 1862, 1863, and 1864. Buck was severely wounded on September 2, 1864 at Jonesboro, Georgia. Postwar he came back to Front Royal, Virginia but moved to Baltimore, Maryland for business reasons. Late in life, he relocated back to Front Royal. He died on September 8, 1912 and was buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery in Front Royal. His brother Alvin Duval Buck was born on December 19, 1838 in Warren County, Virginia. He enlisted on June 19, 1861 as a Private in Co. B, 17th Virginia Infantry. The rolls show him as absent, serving as a clerk to AAG Thomas Jordan at Gen. Beauregard's headquarters, from 1861-1865. Alvin was paroled at Greensboro, North Carolina on May 1,1865. He died on September 15, 1922 and was also buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery in Front Royal, Virginia.
People Buck, Alvin D.
Buck, Irving A.
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