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Object Name Paper, Copy
Catalog Number CML-JFG.1a-g
Date 1865-1880
Scope & Content Papers of Major General Jeremy F. Gilmer, 1865 and 1880
Physical Appearance: Photocopies of telegrams, letters. and orders belonging to Major General Jeremy Francis Gilmer, Chief of Bureau of Engineers:

CML-JFG.1a. December 11, 1864 - Receipt from W[illia]m M. Baggett to [Major] General [Jeremy Francis] Gilmer for food items - lard, bacon, flour, meal, pears, potatoes, chicken, salt, sugar, brandy - and candles. Payment amount received, $1,363.60. Signed by Wm. M. Baggett. 1 page.

CML-JFG.1b. 4 copies of cipher telegrams. February 19, 1865 - Copy of cipher telegram from Jefferson Davis, Richmond, V[irgini]a, to Gen[era]l Robert E[dward] Lee, Petersburg, V[irgini]a - Recommends Lee to go to General Beauregard's Headquarters for personal conference as soon as front line circumstances permit. Signed by Jefferson Davis. top half of page [1].

February 20, 1865 - Copy of cipher telegram from Jefferson Davis, Richmond, V[irgini]a, to Maj[or] Gen[era]l J[eremy] F[rancis] Gilmer, Chief of Engineers Bureau - Instructs Gilmer to go immediately to General Beauregards headquarters and advise him on movements of his troops as to risk engagement with the enemy. Also directs him to advise on tactics to delay enemy movements. Wants Gilmer to keep the administration (i. e., Davis) advised of discussion and troop movements, as well as "all other matters of interest." Signed by Jefferson Davis. bottom half of page [1] to top half of page [2].

February 21, 1865 - Copy of telegram from Jefferson Davis, Richmond, V[irgini]a, to Gen[era]l R[obert] E[dward] Lee, Petersburg, V[irgini]a - Informs Lee that - 1) Beauregard has mailed him a telegram "of a startling character." 2) he (Davis) has sent [Major] General [Jeremy Francis] Gilmer as an advisor to Beauregard. Signed by Jefferson Davis. bottom half of page [2] to top half of page [3].

February 22, 1865 - Copy of cipher telegram from Jefferson Davis, Richmond, V[irgini]a to Gen[era]l [Pierre] G[ustave] T[outant] Beauregard, Chester, So[uth] Ca[rolina] - Acknowledges receipt of Beauregard's telegram and states he forwarded it to Gen[era]l [Robert Edward] Lee. Advises that Lee will make the decision on sending large reinforcements. Regrets that Beauregard does not expect to unite with Stewart and Cheatham to deal with the present emergency. Notes that he had hoped that he could join with them before Union Generals Sherman and Schofield could unite. Fears the enemy's position so near Wilmington endangers continued use of railroads. Signed by Jefferson Davis. bottom half of page [3] to top half of page [4]. 4 total pages.

CML-JFG.1c. Copy of Special Orders. April 26, 1865 - A[djutant] & I[nspector] G[eneral's] Office, Charlotte, N[orth] C[arolina] - Special Orders, No. [--] } 1) Instructs unassigned officers, those officers without commands, and those under dispersed bureaus to report to their respective states' senior military officer or governor. 2) Honorably discharges soldiers from Maryland (who have served their terms of enlistment and instructs officers from Maryland to tender their resignations. By command of Sec[retary] of War. Signed by John W. Riely, L[ieutenan]t Col[onel] & A[ssistant] A[djutant] G[eneral]. 1 page.

CML-JFG.1d. April 27, 1865 - Copy of orders from J[eremy] F[rancis] Gilmer at Catawba Bridge, N[orth] C[arolina], to Major J. W. Green, Engineer Troops - Instructs him to take his command on the roads leading to Washington, G[eorgi]a, via Yorkville, Unionville, Laurensville, and Abbeville, S[outh] C[arolina]. Advises him to make necessary repairs to roads and bridges and to take the most essential parts of the pontoon train if possible. Signed J. F. Gilmer, Maj[or] Gen[era]l & Ch[ie]f, Eng[ineers] Bu[reau]. 1 page.

CML-JFG.1e. April 27, 1865 - Copy of orders from J[eremy] F[rancis] Gilmer, at Catawba Bridge, [North Carolina], to Capt[ain] W. A. Ramsey, Eng[ineer] Troops - Directs him to take his company and accompany President Davis and Secretary of War Breckinridge on journey south and west. Also instructs to take their tools and transportation with the best animals, in order to repair roads and bridges. Signed J. F. Gilmer, Maj[or] Gen[era]l & Ch[ie]f of Eng[ineer]s Bureau. 1 page.

CML-JFG.1f. May 4, 1865 - Orders from John C. Breckinridge of War Department, C. S. A. - States that the several Chiefs of Bureaus of the War Department are not needed on the current movements of the President and Secretary of War. Advises them to "remain at such points as may be best in their opinion for the discharge of their duties" and move westward when needed. Signed by John C. Breckinridge, Secretary of War. 1 page.

CML-JFG.1g. April 2, 1880 - Letter from Jefferson Davis, at Beauvoir, Harrison Co[unty], Miss[issippi], to Gen[era]l J[eremy] F[rancis] Gilmer - Acknowledges receipt of Gilmer's letter dated March 29. Regrets loss of a confidential letter given Gilmer to take to Beauregard. States he does not have a copy of that particular letter in his letterbook. Sends copies of his official letters to Gilmer, Lee, and Beauregard (see items through above). Writes his recollection and reasoning for his actions during events at that time. Requests Gilmer to write him and let him know where their recollections differ. Signed by Jefferson Davis. [Original letter located in Jefferson Davis Collection, Box 2, (Range 3-2).] 5 pp.
People Gilmer, Jeremy Francis
Baggett, William M.
Davis, Jefferson
Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant (P. G. T.)
Lee, Robert E.
Sherman, Genl.
Schofield, Genl.
Rison, John W.
Green, J. W.
Ramsey, W. A.
Breckinridge, John Cabell
Search Terms Petersburg, VA
Chester, SC
Wilmington, NC
Charlotte, NC
Honorable discharge
Engineer Trops
Washington, GA
Yorkville, SC
Unionville, SC
Laurensville, SC
Abbeville, SC
Catawba Bridge, NC
Beauvoir, Mississippi
Subjects Ciphers
Food prices
Food supply
Grocery lists
Troop movements
Military exchanges
Military headquarters
Military leadership
Military maneuvers
Military mobilizations
Military occupations
Military officers
Military personnel
Military rations
Military stations
Military tactics
Militia movements
Discharges, Military
Military officers
Military discharges
Road construction
Bridge construction
Animal locomotion
Construction equipment
Reconnaissance, Military