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Object Name Photocopy
Catalog Number 1979.017.00107-.00148
Scope & Content Dabney H. Maury Papers: Photocopies of Correspondence from a Family Scrapbook

Physical Appearance: This folder contains photocopies of postwar correspondence of Dabney Herndon Maury and correspondence to family members. The original documents remain in a scrapbook belonging to private hands. The following list inventories those letters:

1979.017.00107 ) January 20, 1897 - Frank G. Armstrong, Department of the Interior, Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes, 1759 P St[reet], Washington, D. C., to My Dear [Dabney Herndon] Maury - The letter concerns Maury receiving royalties from his "Tactics." Armstrong states that he expects changes with the new administration.

1979.017.00108 ) May 1, 1873 - [Pierre] G[ustave] T[outant] Beauregard, New Orleans, [Louisiana] to My dear General D[abney] H[erndon] Maury, Richmond, V[irgini]a - Beauregard writes of monuments and Maury's transfer to Richmond.

1979.017.00109 ) April 2, 1874 - [Pierre] G[ustave] T[outant] Beauregard, Piedmont and Arlington Life Insurance Company, Office New Orleans and Carrollton Rail Road Company, New Orleans, [Louisiana] to Sir [Jules Le Crom, Vice President of the French Fire Insurance Corporation, No. 28 et 30 Rue de Grammont, Paris, France] - Beauregard writes on behalf of his friend Maury, who is seeking to represent the company's "Southern agency."

1979.017.00110 ) August 16, 1874 - [Pierre] G[ustave] T[outant] Beauregard, White Sulphur Springs, V[irgini]a, to General D[abney] H[erndon] Maury, Staunton, V[irgini]a - Beauregard states that he will read "with pleasure" Maury's article on torpedoes and notes that he is leaving for South America in October. [A second photocopy of the letter is filed in the P. G. T. Beauregard Collection.]

1979.017.00111 ) March 3, 1876 - [Pierre] G[ustave] T[outant] Beauregard, New Orleans, [Lousiana] to General D[abney] H[erndon] Maury, Richmond, V[irgini]a - photocopy illegible.

1979.017.00112 ) February 2, 1881 - [Pierre] G[ustave] T[outant] Beauregard, New Orleans, V[irgini]a to My dear General [Dabney Herndon Maury], Richmond, V[irgini]a - Beauregard informs Maury that he will be glad if Maury would accompany him to the National State Grand Convention as a delegate from Louisiana (Confederate Veterans).

1979.017.00113 ) [n. d., ca. February-March 1893] - Mourning card from the Beauregard family to Gen[eral] D[abney Herndon] Maury, acknowledging the latter's condolences on the death of Gen[era]l Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard.

1979.017.00114 ) December 3, 1885 - M[atthew] C[albraith] Butler, United States Senate, Washington, D. C., to My dear [Dabney Herndon] Maury - Butler tells Maury that his article "struck the nail on the head" and refers to the current Balkan crisis.

1979.017.00115 ) May 19, [18]95 - M[atthew] C[albraith] Butler, Washington, [D. C.] to My Dear [Dabney Herndon] Maury, Peoria, Illinois - Butler brushes aside the idea of heading the U. S. delegation to Venezuela, talks disparagingly of the Cleveland administration's "anglo mania," and promises to forward an article by Maury to the "Washington [D. C.] Post."

1979.017.00116 ) September 13, 1889 - Grover Cleveland, on Dance, Stetson, Tracy & Mac Veach Attorney and Counsellors at Law, 45 William Street, New York, [NY] to Gen[eral] Dabney H[erndon] Maury - Responding to a letter from Maury, Cleveland apparently tries to reassure him that "the 'Tribune's' reputation for lying is so well known. . . "

1979.017.00117 ) October 10, 1890 - Grover Cleveland, Madison Avenue, New York, [NY] to Dabney H[erndon] Maury, Esq. - Cleveland replies to an editorial Maury has written regarding the Negro Question.

1979.017.00118 ) July 24, 1895 - Grover Cleveland, Gray Gables, Buzzards Bay, Mass[achusetts] to Hon[orable] Dabney H[erndon] Maury, Richmond, Virginia - Cleveland thanks Maury for the gift of Maury's "Recollections."

1979.017.00119 ) March 27, 1873 - Jefferson Davis, Carolina Life Insurance Company, No. 42 Madison Street, Memphis, Tenn[essee] to Gen[era]l D[abney] H[erndon] Maury - Davis thanks Maury for a copy of the "Southern Magazine."

1979.017.00120 ) November 2, 1877 - Application for membership in the Virginia Division of the Army of Northern Virginia (Confederate Veterans), Richmond, [Virginia], No. 788, Applicant: Dabney H[erndon] Maury; Comrade's signature: Jefferson Davis.

1979.017.00121 ) October 21, 1886 - Jefferson Davis, Beauvoir, Miss[issippi] to My dear General [Dabney Herndon Maury] - Davis expresses thanks for an earlier letter and congratulates Maury on his diplomatic appointment. He offers special thanks to "Miss Sue for her friendly consideration to my Daughter." (Sue Maury Halsey, daughter of Dabney H. Maury, and Varina Anne "Winnie" Davis, youngest daughter of Jefferson Davis).

1979.017.00122 ) March [--], 1890 - Varina Anne Jefferson Davis, Grand Hotel, Naples, [Italy] to My dear Sue [Maury Halsey] - "Winnie" sends congratulations on the birth of the Halseys' daughter. She states that she is travelling with the Pulitzers but wants to return to Beauvoir "as Mother has decided she wishes to spend the summer in Colorado with my sister."

1979.017.00123 ) December 3, 1893 - J[ubal] A[nderson] Early, Lynchburg, V[irgini]a to Sir [Honorable Charles O'Farrell] - Early points out that upon O'Farrell's inauguration as Governor, he will have to appoint an Adjutant General for the State Militia. Early suggests Dabney [Herndon] Maury for the appointment.

1979.017.00124 ) December 12, 1885 - W. B. Franklin, Hartford, Conn[ecticut] to My dear [Dabney Herndon] Maury, Richmond, V[irgini]a - Responding to a recent letter, Franklin agrees that the death of George B. McClellan was a shock and a loss.

1979.017.00125 ) January 5, 1893 - W. B. Franklin, Hartford, Conn[ecticut] to My dear [Dabney Herndon] Maury - Franklin thanks Maury for thinking of him as a possible Secretary of War but thinks it unlikely. He expresses doubts about making a peacetime army efficient and disciplined. Franklin encourages Maury in writing his book.

1979.017.00126 ) September 3, 1899 - W. B. Franklin, Hartford, Conn[ecticut] to My dear Mrs. [Sue Maury] Halsey, Middleboro, Virginia] - Franklin states that he is sorry to hear of her father's illness and apologizes for his handwriting (being plagued with rheumatism).

1979.017.00127 ) July 6, 1882 - U[lysses] S[impson] Grant, New York City, to General [Dabney Herndon Maury], Westmoreland Club, Richmond, V[irgini]a - Grant writes that he just opened an undated note from Maury, having been away nine days, and should Maury still wish to see him he would be glad to meet.

1979.017.00128) May 2, 1863 [copyright 1884] - photocopy of a facsimile of Lee to Jackson, Another can be seen in the CML-T. J. Jackson Collection. The original remains at the Library of Virginia.

1979.017.00129 ) April 24, 1888 - J[oseph] E[ggleston] Johnston, Washington, [D. C.] to My dear friend [Dabney Herndon Maury] - Johnston sends his regrets that he will be unable to attend "your sweet child's wedding."

1979.017.00130 ) August 31, 1889 - J[oseph] E[ggleston] Johnston, Washington, [D. C.] to My dearest of young friends [Sue Maury Halsey] - Johnston sends congratulations on the birth of her baby girl and says that he is glad that the baby's "venerable grandfather" [Maury] chose Richmond for the christening.

1979.017.00131 ) December 17, 1889 - J[oseph] E[ggleston] Johnston at [no location given] to My dear Gen[era]l [Dabney Herndon Maury] - Johnston asks Maury for the full name of his new granddaughter.

1979.017.00132 ) [n. d.], Monday 3 P. M. - J[oseph] E[ggleston] Johnston at [no location given] to My dear General [Dabney Herndon Maury] - Johnston informs Maury that he must go to Baltimore and is very sorry to miss him.

1979.017.00133 ) January 5, 1890 - J[oseph] E[ggleston] Johnston, Washington, D. C., to My dear young friend [Sue Maury Halsey] - Johnston writes that he has sent by express "an article of table furniture" for her baby girl.

1979.017.00134) January 20, 1891 - J[oseph] E[ggleston] Johnston, Washington, [D. C.] to Dear young friend [Sue Maury Halsey] - Johnston thanks her baby for his Christmas present and says it "indicates more knowledge of men than could be expected at her age." He notes that her father [Dabney Herndon Maury] has written him twice from Texas and that "I miss him mightily."

1979.017.00135 ) October 3, 1894 - Fitz[hugh] Lee, Glasgow, V[irgini]a to My dear General [Dabney Herndon Maury] - Lee thanks Maury for the "friendly criticism" of his book and says that he appreciates a military man's point of view.

1979.017.00136 ) July 13-15, 1862 - Provision Return for Co. G, 30th Virginia Infantry. ee) October 8-14, 1862 - Provision Return for Co. I, 30th Virginia Infantry.

1979.017.00137 ) August 1, 1886 - S[tephen] D[ill] Lee, President, Agricultural and Mechanical College of Mississippi, Columbus, to My Dear General [Dabney Herndon Maury], Afton, V[irgini]a - Lee send his congratulations on Maury's appointment as Minister to Colombia.

1979.017.00138 ) July 14, 1896 - S[tephen] D[ill] Lee, President, Agricultural and Mechanical College of Mississippi, Columbus, to My Dear-Dear Friend [Dabney Herndon Maury], Westmoreland Club, Richnond, V[irgini]a - Lee thanks Maury for compliments on his oration.

1979.017.00139 ) September 12, 1896 - S[tephen] D[ill] Lee, President, Agricultural and Mechanical College of Mississippi, Columbus, to My Dear General [Dabney Herndon Maury] - Lee states that he is busy opening his college with 300 students and that he has been under-the-weather. He asks that Maury forgive his delay and brevity of his reply.

1979.017.00140 ) December 7, 1895 - Geo[rge] W. Wingate, of Wingate, Cullen & Miller, Attorneys and Counsellors, No. 20 Nassau Street, New York, [NY] to My dear General [Dabney Herndon Maury], West Moreland [Club], Richmond, V[irgini]a - Wingate says that he is glad to "do anything in my power to assist you in . . . . procuring compensation for your tactics."

1979.017.00141 ) May 21, 1891 - General Wolseley at [no location given] to General [Dabney Herndon] Maury, Washington, [D. C.] - Wolseley talks of the history of the war.

1979.017.00142 ) March 26, 1892 - General Wolseley, Dublin, [Ireland] to My dear General [Dabney Herndon Maury], Washington, [D. C.] - Wolseley offers thanks for Maury's article on General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

1979.017.00143 ) August 29, 1892 - General Wolseley, Dublin, [Ireland] to Mrs. [Sue Maury] Halsey - Wolseley thanks Mrs. Halsey for the photograph of herself and her daughter. He also sends one of "my ugly self, a very poor return for such a pretty picture."

1979.017.00144 ) February 22, [n. y.] - Lord Wolseley at [no location given] to Madam [Sue Maury Halsey?] - Writing for his lordship, C. W. Feilden says that Lord Wolseley thanks her for the letter and returns enclosed ribbons.

1979.017.00145 ) September 14, 1913 - Lady Wolseley at Hampton Court Palace, Middlesex, [England] to Mr. [James] Halsey - Lady Wolseley sends her appreciation for his condolence note upon the death of her husband.

1979.017.00146 ) October 19, 1914 - Marcus Wright, War Department, The Adjutant General's Office, Washington, [D. C.] to Sue Mason Maury Halsey - Wright answers many questions posed by Mrs. Halsey, including trying to lay to rest the idea that Lee offered his sword to Grant.

1979.017.00147 ) October 18, 1940 - D[ouglas] S[outhall] Freeman, "The Richmond News Leader," Richmond, Virginia, to Mrs. Littleton Fitzgerald [Elie Maury Fitzgerald], 3913 Seminary Avenue, Richmond, Virginia - Freeman thanks her for allowing him to look at the family papers and adds that the charge against Jefferson Davis for taking Confederate funds was a "dirty falsehood."

1979.017.00148 ) May 6, 1940 - Bruce Catton, Senior Editor, American Heritage, 351 Fifth Avenue, New York 17, N. Y., to Mrs. Dabney Halsey Little, 127 South Fairfax Street, Alexandria Virginia - Catton explains that Massachusetts as a state had nothing to do with the slave trade, but the people of Massachusetts "had a great deal to do with it." Catton states that he does not know what the magazine could do with that angle, perhaps pursue it one day with the proper writer.
Archival History This portion of the Dabney H. Maury Collection was formerly located in the U. T. / T. T. Collection. The Dabney H. Maury Collection contains correspondence and ephemera of Dabney Herndon Maury (1822-1900), held in the Eleanor S. Brockenbrough Library. The vast majority of the library's holdings are postwar, acquired in the late 20th century as a donation from Maury's direct descendants. This correspondence covers Maury's work with the Southern Historical Society, letters to former President Jefferson Davis and his family, and family concerns. Maury's gregarious nature is apparent in the breadth of the correspondence. Letters to Maury include those from Ulysses S. Grant, Grover Cleveland, Jefferson Davis, Jubal Early, and Joseph E. Johnston. Some of the latest correspondence is from distinguished historians Dr. Douglas S. Freeman and Bruce Catton to Maury family members. Wartime holdings include several copies of Maury's Farewell Address of May 1865 and letter-press book of April-May 1865, later converted to a postwar journal.
People Maury, Dabney Herndon